Computer Technology in Pictures

Computer Hardware Explained

Are you curious about what's inside your computer? Browse through these computer hardware pictures and take a tour of your PC, from RAM to hard drives and everything in between.

Computer Memory 101

The different types of computer memory can be confusing. Take a look at these pictures of RAM, ROM, flash memory and more to learn more about what the various types of memory do in your computer.

Computer History

Computers have come a long way in the past few decades -- from filling up a room to slim and sleek designs that can nearly fit in your pocket. Take a look at some of the old and new models.

Computer Networking Basics

The Internet is in a constant state of evolution, and the components involved in that state of perpetual progress are always evolving as well. See all the pieces that have worked together to form computer networks through the years.

Getting Connected to the Internet

With Internet connection pictures, take a look at your options for getting online. Learn about modems, WiFi and more with Internet connection pictures.

All About Laptops

If you are shopping for a new laptop or just curious about the latest technologies on the market, take a look at the laptop image gallery to see new features and uses of laptops.

Popular Web Sites

See some of the world's top Web sites and their rankings. Do you know what the most popular Web site is? Take a look to find out.


YouTube has taken videos on the Web to a new level. With this image gallery, take a look at the interface and famous people on YouTube.

Steve Jobs Image Gallery

Steve Jobs changed computers and technology forever. Take look at these pictures of Steve Jobs to learn about his life and success.

Bill Gates Pictures

Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates has had a successful career. Learn about Bill Gates and his global activities with this image gallery.