Can You Survive Our Minecraft Quiz?

By: Alia Hoyt
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Can You Survive Our Minecraft Quiz?
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Minecraft launched in 2011. Now, a decade later, the game shows no signs of losing popularity. How much do you know about this award-winning game that features baby zombies riding chickens and other crazy stuff?
Minecraft features characters known as "creepers." How was the creeper initially invented?
It was a coding error.
The creator was trying to code pigs, but he accidentally made them tall instead of short. So, "creepers" were born.
A hacker did it during the testing cycle.
No one knows.
How big is a "chunk" in Minecraft?
4 blocks by 4 blocks
16 blocks by 16 blocks
Chunks divide the game into manageable blocks. At 16 x 16, a standard chunk is 256 blocks high, and uses 65,536 blocks in total.
32 blocks by 32 blocks
What causes a red mooshroom to turn into a brown mooshroom?
A player picks all of the mushrooms in the field, which enrages the mooshroom.
Lightning strikes a red mooshroom.
The brown mooshroom is one of the most rare mobs in Minecraft. They are not found naturally, except when a red mooshroom is struck by lightning.
There's no such thing as a brown mooshroom.


How are music discs found in Minecraft?
They're glowing jukeboxes hidden throughout the game.
They are randomly handed out for good deeds.
A skeleton has to be tricked into killing a creeper with its arrow.
The skeleton trick is how 10 of the 12 music discs can be obtained. The other two are located in chests.
What should a player wear on his head to keep an Enderman from attacking?
a helmet
a pumpkin
Don't die at the hands of the dreaded Enderman! They are provoked when looked at directly, so before you do that put a pumpkin on your head. Yes.
a baseball cap
Which is not a type of wood/log found in Minecraft?
Wood options are oak, dark oak, spruce, acacia, birch and jungle. Incidentally, the jungle log is the only one that cocoa beans can grow on.


Which is not a characteristic of a Guardian?
They shoot laser beams out of their eyes.
They fly.
Guardians are "mobs" that protect the ocean monument, and they are not exactly friendly. If set on fire underwater, however, cooked fish is produced. Yum.
They can live forever out of water.
Popular YouTuber Ph1lza (Phil Watson) survived for five years in Hardcore, the most dangerous of all Minecraft modes. What finally did him in?
He was eaten by a spider.
He holds the world record for longest Hardcore game ever. In the end, he was surprised by a baby zombie and subsequently eaten by a spider. What a way to go.
An Enderman attacked him.
Other gamers ganged up on him.
What percentage of dungeon chests have golden apples?
Only 3.1 percent of dungeon chests contain these coveted items, which give players a number of advantages in the game. As a result, they are known as an "epic rarity."


How many waves of Pillagers must a player defeat to end a village raid?
Pillagers can be defeated if the village is adequately prepared with defenses. Enchanted bows and iron or diamond gear are also extremely helpful.
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