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We Need to Stop Believing These Five Tech Myths

Do you still believe that the smartphone with the most pixels takes the best pictures? That charging a battery overnight ruins it? If so, you're not alone. We'll explain why these oft-believed myths are just outdated.

You Don't Really Need Apps to Save Your Smartphone's Battery

You're smart. If you're smart about your phone's settings, too, you should be golden.

6 Creative Uses for an Old Smartphone

You'd be surprised at some of the new tricks your old cellphones and smartphones can do.

Porting Out: It's Phone Fraud 101

Thieves get their hands on your ID or passwords, then contact your mobile carrier and transfer your credentials to a new device.

4 Reasons Your Phone Keeps Dropping Calls

Weird things can affect your call's signal strength — like that city bus that just blocked your path, or the fact that it's raining outside.

Your Smartphone Is a Vampire. Here's How to Fight It

It's hard to put down, but there are a few tricks that can help you tear your attention away from your trusty smartphone.

Why 911 May Not Find You, But Uber Can

Emergency 911 systems sometimes have a tougher time finding cell phone callers than apps such as Uber.

Scientists Have Invented a Battery-free Cell Phone

Wouldn't it be great to never have to charge your phone? Scientists think they've cracked the code on doing that.

How 5G Works

Ever been to a concert and not been able to get a signal on your smartphone? 5G promises to take care of that but it could be years before we see results.

9 Ways the iPhone Frustrated, Delighted Users in Its First Decade

iPhones have gone from wondrous to ordinary in a mere 10 years. We remember some moments that made us want to toss them out the window — and how Apple responded.

Do Smartphones Really Charge Faster in Airplane Mode?

Smartphones stop talking to satellites and cell phone networks when put in airplane mode. Does that make a difference when loading up the battery?

3 Myths About Smartphone Batteries That Need to Die

We worry about the wrong things when it comes to prolonging the battery life of our gadgets. Here's what really matters.

Why the iPhone 7 Release Just Isn't That Exciting

And it's kind of our fault for expecting a paradigm shift every 12 months.

Superlong-Lasting Smartphone Battery to Hit Market Soon

For years, scientists tried to make smartphone batteries that lasted a lot longer but were no bigger than current ones. They seem to have finally cracked the code.

iPhone and Android Users Found to Have Different Personality Traits

What does your choice of smartphone say about who you are and how others perceive you?

The Origin of the iPhone Marimba Ringtone Is Shrouded in Mystery

A snippet of melody played on an obscure musical instrument has become a ubiquitous part of the modern world's background noise. Who wrote it? Where'd it come from?

Pokemon Go Where Ingress Went

Wondering how Pokemon Go picks its locations? Niantic, the former Google company that makes the uber popular game, has had a little experience sending gamers searching.

Put Those Phones Down, Concertgoers, or Apple May Do It for You

Ever wished the dude in front of you would just put down his phone and watch the concert? Apple's one of several companies working to enable that seemingly simple desire.

The Phone So Secure It Costs $17,400

You could buy about 27 iPhone 6s models for the price of just one "ultra-secure" Solarin phone, a new product from startup Sirin Labs.

Russian Face Recognition App FindFace Could End Public Anonymity

Identifying strangers with a smartphone app that scours social media sites and comparing photos? Are we one step closer to personally targeted ads and creepy stalking?

The App That's Creating an Earthquake Early-warning Network

A new, always-on app harnesses the power of your smartphone's motion-sensing accelerometer to crowdsource earthquake detection.

The Ford GT and Gorilla Glass — A Match Made in ... Well, the Lab

By switching from a conventional windshield to a Gorilla Glass hybrid windshield, Ford was able to cut more than 12 pounds from its all-new Ford GT supercar.

No More Notebooks: How Smartphone Apps Help Songwriters Create Music

Tech is changing how artists make music, enhancing their ability to capture, record and share. Advances in the mobile arena bring new meaning to the term "phone it in."

When 'Find My Phone' Fails

This app, which is supposed to locate your cell phone, has sent more than one person to the same wrong house. But why?

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