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Geofencing is a technology quietly reshaping the marketing and consumer engagement landscape. It establishes virtual boundaries around physical spaces, linking your device to businesses and services effortlessly. When you step across these boundaries, you receive timely messages — discounts, event reminders or exclusive offers — all customized to your location.

By Desiree Bowie

Time flies in the age of the internet. How did we ever live without these 10 things?

By John Donovan

Why does a parking garage display a sign saying it's full when it's not, and vice versa?

By Dave Roos


Can such a simple communication technology still be of use? To people in these professions, the answer is yes, even in the 21st century.

By Laurie L. Dove

As we live out our lives in these modern times we have access to an unprecedented wealth of technology. Things like robot vacuum cleaners, video phones and 3D printers that were considered science fiction just 20 years ago are now commonplace in many developed countries. But even though today’s technology didn’t exist in its precise […] The post 15 Modern Technological Marvels That Have Been Around A Lot Longer Than You Think appeared first on Goliath.

By Wes Walcott

If you're reading this, you're using a disruptive technology – one that's completely changed how we do things. In fact, you're using an assortment of these game-changers all the time.

By Bernadette Johnson

Are you a fan of a certain kind of product or gadget? Well, don't get too attached to it. There's probably a disruptive technology on the horizon that will send that gadget to the dustbin of history.

By Beth Brindle


The modern farm has more in common with Silicon Valley than you might think. Here's a look at some of the top technologies advancing the agriculture industry.

By Chris Opfer

It sounds like a complicated process doesn't it? But once you remember a little about centrifugal and centripetal forces, you can easily understand the swirling, whirling world of cyclonic separation.

By John Perritano

That tube you put your check or deposit slip in at the bank drive-up window is called a pneumatic tube. This was cutting edge 19th-century technology and is still in use today.

By Patrick J. Kiger

We all like our gadgets, especially those that make live easier or just plain fun. Take a look at some of the most sold electronics out there to see if your favorite made the list.


Technology can help cheaters connect with paramours -- but it can also leave a trail that gets them caught. How does our connection to the digital world make it easier to expose infidelity?

By Bernadette Johnson

Simple DIY devices can profoundly affect people's lives, improving their health and living conditions. We've gathered 10 homebuilt technologies that can be put together using easy-to-find resources and limited science and engineering know-how.

By William Harris

Touch-screen technology makes navigating devices like smartphones and tablet PCs easy as pie, but there's a dirty downside. Is there a way to avoid the smudges and prints that our fingers leave behind?

By Kate Kershner

5 Ways to extend the life of your household batteries. Learn the 5 ways you can extend the life of household batteries.

By Josh Peterson, Planet Green


Touch screens are useful, assuming you don't drop and break them, or scratch them up in your pocket or purse. How do you make abuse-resistant glass? Ask Corning.

By Jonathan Strickland

The days of the cell phone are numbered. Superior technology has already surpassed it and is now moving on to the next level. Which cutting-edge technologies are here to stay and which are flashes in a pan?

By Jonathan Strickland

Your appliances use electricity all day, whether you're there or not. Some manufacturers are helping consumers out by making their electronics more efficient.

By Dave Roos

Ever wonder how flat cell phone keys vibrate to let you know you've pressed a button? It's called haptics, and you can use it for lots more than just phones.

By William Harris & Zach Taras


Has your storage closet turned into a gadget graveyard, where your old electronics go to die? Most people are forgoing the cell-phone cemetery and discarding their devices as e-waste.

By Jessika Toothman

Forget the wooden stake -- the only thing that stops this vampire is unplugging your electronics. Vampire power sucks energy at a rate that would make anyone scream in horror.

By Robert Lamb

A typical home probably has five to 10 transformers plugged into the wall at any given time. It turns out that these transformers consume power whenever they are plugged in, whether they are connected to a device or not.

You need a new computer, but you don't have enough cash to buy the latest model. You're perusing the classifieds looking for a used one, when you come across an ad for a refurbished laptop. What does that mean?

By Chris Pollette


How about, instead of your standard AA, we used flexible, incredibly thin batteries that could be powered by blood or sweat? Seems like an improvement, right?

By Jacob Silverman

Unless you're particularly organized and good with those little twist ties, you probably have a few dusty power cord tangles around your home. But wireless power transmission could soon cut the clutter and lead to clean sources of electricity.

By Tracy V. Wilson