Tech Myths

Tech myths can be difficult to spot because we can never really know the limits of such ever-changing technology. Are there limits to the powers of the internet, Facebook and video games? To learn more about such topics, check out these articles.

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What's the real reason you can't make a phone call during a flight? Is there really any interference between the aircraft equipment and your cellphone signal?

By Patrick J. Kiger & Marie Look

People in the public eye often inspire a lot of stories about themselves, some real, some imagined. Which of the stories surrounding Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg are more fiction than fact?

By Melanie Radzicki McManus

If you're one of the most well-known and well-off individuals in the world, people are bound to make up stories about you. Why are there so many crazy stories about the co-founder of Microsoft?

By Nathan Chandler


Despite his high-tech line of work, Steve Jobs was a bona fide rock star. And like all celebrities (especially intensively private ones), he was subject to a lot of speculation. Are any of these wild stories true?

By Jonathan Strickland & Susan L. Nasr

What will the world look like 10 years from now? Forty years from now? Will we live in a world run by robots? Will we all be driving flying cars?

By Jacob Silverman

Clearly, the explosive growth of the Internet has created a fair share of misunderstandings, fabrications and myths, and now it's one of the Internet's most popular sites, Facebook, that's stirring up rumors.

By Jonathan Atteberry

Ever since they took the world by storm in the early 1980s, video games have been the stuff of legend. However, the video game world is so insular that you'd have to be a dedicated gamer to even hear some of these myths.

By Josh Clark & Wesley Fenlon


Apple is one of the most successful companies around -- and one of the most mysterious. Here, we consider and debunk 10 of the biggest myths surrounding this tech giant.

By Dave Roos & Stephanie Crawford

How did a scrawny college dropout go on to start a world-renowned tech company and become the world's richest man in the process? The story is fraught with half-truths and myths, and we debunk five of them here.

By Dave Roos

For something so entrenched in our everyday lives, we sure don't know much about the Internet. That might explain all of the half-truths, falsehoods and straight-up myths that surround it. We happily deconstruct five of them here.

By Dave Roos

With all the gossip regarding Twitter, it's easy to be confused. We'll debunk five of the most common Twitter myths.

By Maria Trimarchi


Google is easily one of the world's biggest and most talked-about companies, but people don't really know much about it. Rumors abound, but the truth is a mere Google search away.

By Dave Roos