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Everyday Tech

How do batteries work? How much energy is your plugged-in gadget using? How do UPC codes work? Find this out and more with Everyday Tech.

Computer Technology in Pictures

With so many types of computer technology out there, how do you keep up? With these cool image galleries that explain basic parts and technologies of everything computer-related.

How Parking Garages Track Open Spaces, and Why They Often Get It Wrong

Why does a parking garage display a sign saying it's full when it's not, and vice versa? See more »

This Is Who Still Uses Pagers Today

Can such a simple communication technology still be of use? To people in these professions, the answer is yes, even in the 21st century. See more »

Sony Will Retire Betamax in 2016. Wait, That Hasn't Happened Yet?

The Japanese electronics company retired its Beta VCRs in 2002, but has still made cassettes. That will all change come March, when the "format wars" come to a quiet end. See more »

10 Technologies Kids Already Don’t Know How to Use

Remember how amazing it was to cradle your first smartphone in your hand? Kids don't; they've always had them, and they have no idea how to work a flip phone. See more »

Could an RFID keep you from losing your socks?

Never lose a sock again? Sounds too good to be true, right? One technology may actually have the solution. See more »

10 Disruptive Technologies You Use Every Day

If you're reading this, you're using a disruptive technology – one that's completely changed how we do things. In fact, you're using an assortment of these game-changers all the time. See more »

What's a disruptive technology?

Are you a fan of a certain kind of product or gadget? Well, don't get too attached to it. There's probably a disruptive technology on the horizon that will send that gadget to the dustbin of history. See more »

10 High-tech Tools on the Typical Farm

The modern farm has more in common with Silicon Valley than you might think. Here's a look at some of the top technologies advancing the agriculture industry. See more »

What’s the 'quantified self'?

Welcome to the "data-driven life" – where you can personally measure your heart rate, calorie consumption, caffeine intake, or spending habits using technology. All this data has the potential to help you improve yourself – or drive you crazy. See more »

2013's Biggest Tech Moments

The year 2013 was an epic tale of two techs: the ones that improved our lives and the ones that went way beyond what we were prepared for. These 10 filled us with hope – or fear. See more »