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Top 5 Future Cell Phones

Cell phone manufacturers are always trying to outdo one another with the latest features. What could they do to make the next round of phones more compelling than the last?

How will biometrics affect our privacy?

Biometrics provide a unique method of security that's virtually foolproof. Just scan a fingerprint or your retina and you're in. But what could happen if your personal information were stolen?

How Google Glass Works

Have you ever imagined yourself walking around your town like a sci-fi hero, with a heads-up display showing you details of the world around you? Google Glass aims to make that possible for all of us.

How the Apple iCloud Works

Apple's entry into the cloud storage market promises to synchronize all of your devices -- as long as they're made by Apple. How does iCloud stack up to its competitors?

What is optical audio?

As companies dream up better audio and video standards and storage media, they also add new ways to send it crisply from your gear to your ear, and optical audio is one of them.

How the Roku Streaming Stick Works

Remember the bygone days when you were forced to watch television in real-time as it aired? Streaming boxes and other tech renders that a distant memory, and now, Roku is shrinking the game.

Is the military developing underwear that thinks?

Although the idea of "thinking" underwear might make you snicker, the U.S. military isn't joking around. Find out how smart underwear could help monitor soldiers' vitals -- and more.

What's a DNA robot, and how could it change medicine?

Of all the threats to your bodily health, cancer claims a top spot, and battling this chronic killer takes a heavy toll on the entire body. Could DNA robots eliminate that collateral damage?

How TEEC EFLs Work

Imagine being able to listen to music wearing just a hoodie. Or nestling your head on a pillow as its speakers play you to sleep. That's the power and potential of TEEC's EFL speakers.

Can a watch help you lose weight?

Don't declare it dead just yet. These advanced time tellers may help you get fit (and let you know if the train is on time).

Can a T-shirt turn sound into electricity?

Let's say you like to go shows. You also like to have your smartphone all juiced up so you can tell everyone how hard you're rocking out. This funky phone charger could help out with that.

How Power Felt Works

What if a piece of fabric could charge your iPod while you run, or fuel your flashlight when the power's out? Think how power felt could change your world.

How Contact Lens Displays Work

Is everything an indistinguishable blur until you slip in your contact lenses every day? A band of researchers is determined to make those tiny, translucent discs way cooler, helping you to "see" a lot more than the world around you. Here's how.

How Bone-conducting Headphones Work

Did you know that your bones can hear stuff? Yes, it's true. And using bone-conducting headphones instead of ear buds may be a lot better for your ears. How do these headphones do their job?

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On virtually every computer available, the basic input/output system, or BIOS, makes sure all the other components function together smoothly. Without BIOS, you wouldn't be able to load your operating system. How much do you know about BIOS?

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