How do you transfer iTunes to a new computer?

With the iTunes program you can download music and store it on your computer. You can share your music on up to five computers in a home network with home sharing, and transfer songs without having to burn a CD or save to an external device. If you want to transfer your music to another computer, you can easily copy and transfer your songs and playlists. The first step is to download and install the latest version of iTunes.

Then, make sure that your new computer is authorized to play music downloaded from iTunes.


You can use an external hard disk or your iPod to transfer your music to your new computer. To use your iPod as an external hard disk, first connect to your computer and select iPod from the iTunes source list. Enable for disk-use by clicking checkbox and ok. Create a new folder so that you can find your music easily. Drag the songs you want to copy to the new folder, and save on the iPod or external device. You can also transfer your playlists by exporting your music library. Open iTunes on your new computer and select import. You may need to free up space on your iPod if you have a lot of music stored on your computer.

You can also transfer iTunes with a recordable CD or DVD. Click burn option in iTune preferences, and choose data CD format. Make a new playlist with the songs you want to transfer, and click on Burn Disc. Insert the disc in the new computer and drag songs to your iTunes source list. You can de-authorize the iTunes on your old computer once you have done all the transfers.