Have Fun With Our Animal Crossing Quiz

By: Alia Hoyt
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Have Fun With Our Animal Crossing Quiz
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About This Quiz

Everyone's heard of Mario, but Nintendo is nearly as well known for the ultra-popular Animal Crossing series. How much do you know about this beloved life-sim game?
Which was NOT one of the three themes of the original game?
animal care
The three dominant themes of the original game (friendship, family and community) were inspired by the creator's difficult move away from family and friends to Kyoto to work for Nintendo.
When the game was adapted to appeal to Western users, which holiday was added?
Toy Day
Japanese holidays dominated the original game, so it was tweaked to include Toy Day (you know it as Christmas) and Halloween.
Valentine's Day
Which character always seems to want your money?
Tom Nook
The raccoon Tom Nook has slightly different motives across the various versions, but his end game is always the same: He wants the player's Bells (money).


What's the point of Animal Crossing?
to build the ultimate village as quickly as possible
to accrue the most Bells
to take your time and develop friendships, be involved in the village and explore
Although many games are defined by defeating a final villain and level, Animal Crossing never really ends.
In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, what did the player have the ability to become?
an animal avatar, rather than a Mii
Users loved the newfound ability to become mayor, as they had more ability to change the village than ever before. The creators said that it helped to make it more like real-life public works projects.
a parent
What's the name of the expert panel that evaluates Animal Crossing homes?
Happy Home Academy
Users have the ability to customize homes, which can then be evaluated by the Happy Home Academy in exchange for in-game prizes. This feature was eventually spun off into the game Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.
Happy Home Assessors
Happy Home Animals


Animal Crossing: New Horizons invites users to create villages where?
on a different continent
in the mountains
on a deserted island
Nook, Inc. offers players the opportunity to select their own island paradise to customize and grow. However, if you don't like the options you're presented with the first time you can quit the game and restart to select from new options.
How often do fossil holes appear in Animal Crossings: New Horizons?
once an hour
once a day
Fossil holes, which you'll recognize by the jagged crosses on the ground, show up every day at 4 p.m. (island game time). They sometimes sell for big bucks, but at the very least make a nice piece of island home decor.
once a month
Why should you listen for a "whooshing" sound while playing New Horizons?
It means the island is in danger of flooding.
It signals that a flying package is somewhere nearby.
Flying packages (a balloon tied to a gift box) drop in up to several times a day. The whooshing sound indicates that there's one nearby.
It means that it's a good time to go fishing.


Why shouldn't you throw anything away, even if it seems like garbage?
It can be used for bartering.
It can be used for crafting.
Sometimes you'll come across random stuff while fishing or otherwise exploring. Hold on to it, however, because these items can be used for crafting later on.
It can be used for composting, which helps fruits and vegetables grow better.
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