The Super Mario Quiz

By: Alia Hoyt
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The Super Mario Quiz
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You might be adept at racking up coins and saving the ever-in-peril princess, but how much do you really know about the iconic video game series?
What's the name of the tribe of turtles in the original Super Mario Bros. holding Princess Peach (also known as Princess Toadstool) hostage?
the Choopa-Choopas
the Koopa Troopas
There are multiple types of Koopas across the Mario brand, but the best known are probably the green ones, which fall off the ledge, as well as the red-shelled Koopas, which are smart enough to turn around and not plummet to their deaths needlessly.
the Mega Goombas
Princess Peach rules over the toads in the Mushroom Kingdom. What does Bowser turn them into when he takes over the kingdom?
That a player is pretty much killing a toad every time a brick is smashed makes the game a lot darker than most people think!
What happens if you use one Koopa shell to kill eight others?
Nothing, there's just nine dead Koopas.
You immediately advance to the next level.
You get an extra life.
This cheat is helpful if you know how to use it. Kill a Koopa, then kick its shell and follow it as it kills eight additional Koopas. Then, bam! You're bequeathed an extra life.


What was Mario's original name?
Pete the Plumber
Mario actually made his debut in the mega-hit game "Donkey Kong." Originally, the character of Jumpman was tasked with saving his girlfriend Pauline from the clutches of the ferocious Kong, but the moniker was later changed to Mario.
Who was Mario named after?
a stuffed animal belonging to the Nintendo president's little daughter
a sales rep for Nintendo's Italian office
the Seattle landlord for Nintendo of America's warehouse
Mario Segale was the landlord for Nintendo of America's warehouse. The company got behind on rent as all their resources were tied up in developing Donkey Kong and Segale angrily demanded his money. The developers began to jokingly refer to their pixelated plumber as Mario.
Which Mario game incarnation involves a strange dragon hatching from an egg to tell Mario and Luigi about the turtles who are taking over Dinosaur Land?
Super Mario World
Released in 1991, this game introduced the dragon/dinosaur/who-knows-what character of Yoshi to the franchise. His information helps the twin brothers locate Princess Peach from yet another kidnapping.
Super Mario Land
The Super Mario Land Before Time


In the game Super Mario Sunshine, Mario is accused of what heinous crime?
kidnapping Princess Peach
making a mess of an island
Although he certainly has a penchant for coins, this game sees our hero accused of trashing the Isle Delfino, where he and his friends have gone for a little R&R. As restitution, he has to clean up the mess while also looking for the real culprit.
stealing all the island's coins and stashing them in parts unknown
Which game saw Nintendo take the risky step of moving from 2D to 3D?
Super Mario 64
Other games tried the transition and fell flat, but Super Mario 64 did it so seamlessly that it remains a favorite today.
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario 3
Who is the official voice of Mario?
There isn't one; it's computer-generated.
Charles Martinet
The California-born writer/actor has voiced Mario for decades, although he's also known for roles in the films "Nine Months" and "The Game." He originally planned to audition with a heavy Brooklyn accent for the voice of Mario, but instead opted for Italian. He also voices the characters of Luigi, Baby Mario, Wario and others.
Vincent Gallo


Which game wasn't originally a Mario game?
Super Mario Bros. 2
The game was originally dubbed "Doki Doki Panic" in Japan, then re-worked for release in North America. Instead of killing enemies with turtle shells or by jumping on them, Mario throws vegetables their way.
Super Mario Run
Mario Kart
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