Future Tech

What will future technology look like and what will it do? Explore the possibilities.

News Organizations Are Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate Data-driven Articles

Will automated journalism replace human reporting? Software robots are already collecting data and creating 'news' stories with a fill-in-the-blank algorithm.

The Singularity by 2045, Plus 6 Other Ray Kurzweil Predictions

Kurzweil has a pretty good track record with predictions. What does he have slated for humanity besides the singularity and figuring out the entire human brain by 2099?

Coming Soon: Hair Dye That Changes Color From Moment to Moment

The new hair dye responds to temperature change, and it could have your hair going from scarlet red to pastel blond to raven black, and back again.

These 23 Guidelines Could Stave Off an AI Apocalypse

Expert tips to get techies ready for the rise of the robots.

Brainwaves and 'Emotional ID' Could Replace Passwords and PINs

"Brainprint" technology could replace fingerprint scans, and a Romanian scientist reportedly can judge whether you're in the right emotional state to be granted access.

Lab-created Metallic Hydrogen, If Legit, Could Revolutionize Physics

Harvard researchers announce turning hydrogen into a metal, a breakthrough that could lead to room-temperature superconductors and a revolutionary rocket propellant.

Supermarkets of the Future Are Going to Be Weird in So Many Ways

From predictive couponing to groceries delivered by robots straight to the trunk of your self-driving car, 21st-century shopping could offer serious innovations.

World's First AI-generated Christmas Song Is the Stuff of Nightmares

Take a holiday trip to Uncanny Valley! A computer brain was trained to compose a carol inspired by a picture of a Christmas tree — with horrible results.

Are You Actually an Android?

The cyborgs on 'Westworld' had us wondering, would you know if you were a robot?

Cybathlon 2016: Amazing Images from the World's First Bionic Olympics

Exoskeletons, prosthetic limbs and mind-controlled computers took center stage in the first-of-its-kind competition in Zurich, Switzerland.