How-to Tech

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How to Add RAM to Your Desktop

If your desktop computer is acting sluggish, it might need more memory. Adding more RAM will help your machine run more smoothly -- and it's not as difficult as it sounds.

How to Upgrade Your DVR's Hard Drive

Your DVR only holds so much TV. So what if you want to store more programs? Or worse, what happens if the drive crashes and you have to replace it?

How to Upgrade Your PC's RAM

Upgrading your computer's memory may sound like a lot of trouble and something you should pay a specialist for. But you can do it yourself.

How to Build a DVR

Digital video recorders (DVRs) let you stay up-to-date on your favorite TV shows, but they can be expensive. They're essentially computers -- could you build one yourself for less?

How to Avoid Facebook Scams

Facebook applications are usually great ways to interact with your friends and have a good time. How have some developers used them to scam Facebook users?

How to Know if Your Computer is Infected with a Virus

Your computer is running more slowly than usual. Could it be infected with some kind of malware, or does it just need a reboot?

How to Donate Your Computer to Charity

You just bought a brand-new computer. But what'll you do with the old machine? Is there something else it could be doing, instead of sitting in your closet?

Top 5 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Broadband Internet Connection

Broadband Internet access is great -- high-speed connections let us watch video, listen to music and more. But what happens when you can't get a signal?

How to Detect if Someone's Stealing Your WiFi

Your wireless network's running slow again. It's time to get to the bottom of things. But why does it always happen when that same car parks in front of your house?

How to Avoid Spyware

Spyware can track what you do on your computer and can even steal your passwords. But you can avoid it -- the trick is knowing how spyware programmers think.

How to Scan for and Remove Spyware

Spyware may follow your every move on the Internet. Or it may record your passwords as you type them in to steal your identity. So how do you stop it?