Electronic Gadgets

"Gadget" is a catch-all word these days for nifty devices. We've covered the basics, such as clocks & watches, plus delved into the world of present-day and future high-tech gadgets, such as digital jewelry and restaurant pagers.

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How Siri Works

Apple's mobile assistant is the source of much comedy -- and frustration -- among users. How did Siri come to be, and how useful is it, really?

How the Move Tank Top Works

What if you had a fitness garment that could nudge you into proper alignment? Move isn't just about geeking out your spandex. It's about improving and accelerating your overall physical performance and preventing injuries.

10 Must-have Gadgets for the 2012 Holiday Season

From smartphones to robot vacuums, gadgets make ideal gifts because there's virtually no end to the possibilities. Which ones should be on your 2012 holiday shopping list?

How do they make those projections of dead celebrities and politicians?

When deceased rapper Tupac appeared alongside Snoop Dogg at Coachella, the Internet lit up with talk of holograms. But there was no hologram. How did computer animation and a 19th-century theatrical trick create the illusion?

Will all mobile devices be waterproof in the near future?

Cell phones can do just about anything –- except survive in water. A few drops of liquid can destroy a mobile device. Will that always be the case?

Can a TV be transparent?

TVs seem to be getting thinner and thinner and their pictures clearer and clearer. But now they're see-through, too? How's that possible?

How Digital Wallets Work

If you've ever lamented how overstuffed your wallet is or how it's putting a crick in your back, fear not: its digital doppelganger is here to save the day. Well, maybe. We weigh the pros and cons of e-wallets in this article.

How the Ion Proton Sequencer Works

It can decode an entire human genome quickly and cheaply. Could this sequencer be the one that pushes DNA sequencers beyond labs and into hospitals?

How the Roku Streaming Stick Works

Remember the bygone days when you were forced to watch television in real-time as it aired? Streaming boxes and other tech renders that a distant memory, and now, Roku is shrinking the game.

How the Harry Winston Opus Eleven Works

Watches come in all shapes, sizes and designs. While some of them are fancier than others, the Harry Winston Opus Eleven brings something more to the table.

How Google Glass Works

Have you ever imagined yourself walking around your town like a sci-fi hero, with a heads-up display showing you details of the world around you? Google Glass aims to make that possible for all of us.

How the LOBIN Smart Shirt Works

Imagine if readings of your heart rate, temperature and other vital signs could be collected, processed and analyzed by medical professionals, without any need to bother or even wake you. LOBIN wants to make that vision a reality.

How PowerTrekk Works

It resembles a sporty looking contact case, and it just may save your life if you find yourself in trouble in the wilderness. Curious yet?

How the C1 QuantumGravity Watch Works

Wristwatches are starting to go the way of the VHS tape, but sales revenue has actually gone up in recent years, thanks to meticulously crafted -- and ridiculously expensive-- timepieces like the C1 QuantumGravity watch.

How the Golden-i Works

It sounds like something out of a spy movie, but the Golden-i headset computer is much more practical than that. Are these wearable, hands-free PCs the wave of the future?

How Immersion Thermal Circulators Work

The sous-vide cooking style produces a flavorful meal, but requires a steady temperature for quite some time. How do chefs maintain precise temperatures to keep their sous-vide dishes from over- or undercooking?

How Sensics SmartGoggles Work

Virtual reality seems like one of those technologies that'll never really pan out, but recent developments by companies like Google and Sensics suggest otherwise. What are SmartGoggles?

Is the military developing underwear that thinks?

Although the idea of "thinking" underwear might make you snicker, the U.S. military isn't joking around. Find out how smart underwear could help monitor soldiers' vitals -- and more.

Can a camera on your computer help you buy the correct clothing size online?

There's some nifty new technology afoot that's designed to make online clothes shopping more accurate. Does it live up to its promise?

How the LG Styler Works

Looking rather like a fridge for fabrics, the Styler is a clothes manager that's designed to freshen up your duds. How does it work?

How ChronoTrack D-Tags Work

You didn't train for umpteen weeks for your race only to have someone guesstimate your time as you cross the finish line. So how does that little loop on your shoe track your time accurately?

Why don't we wear wristwatches anymore?

Sure, we're all obsessed with our phones, but does everyone think that strapping a timepiece to the wrist is redundant?

Can a watch help you lose weight?

Don't declare it dead just yet. These advanced time tellers may help you get fit (and let you know if the train is on time).

How Wireless Mobile Chargers Work

Although we love our mobile gadgetry, all those charging cords are annoying to keep up with and carry around. Wireless chargers eliminate the need for extra cables, but how do they power up your gear?

How can an electrode suit treat nerve disorders?

Living with a nerve disorder can be extremely challenging, but there may be a new hope on the horizon. Can a garment called the Electrodress change the lives of patients forever?