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"Gadget" is a catch-all word these days for nifty devices. We've covered the basics, such as clocks & watches, plus delved into the world of present-day and future high-tech gadgets, such as digital jewelry and restaurant pagers.

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Can You Power Your Music Player With Your Running Shoes?

Imagine charging your iPod while you take a jog around the block. The technology isn't too far off and could make dead batteries a thing of the past.

Can a shirt help me lose weight?

Forget the smart watch. This smart shirt might actually help you lose weight.

How can a bracelet track your heart rate?

Your goal is to exercise within your targeted heart rate zone, so accurate heart-rate readings are crucial. Can you depend on a bracelet to give you those results while you're working out?

Should people who use wearables be paid for their data?

Surprise! If you're wearing a fitness tracker, you're likely providing the company that made it loads of data other than how many steps you took today — and all for free.

Does wearable tech really help people sleep better?

Obsessing over the data from your new sleep-tracking app could be keeping you up at night. We'll tell you why.

How Athos Clothing Works

Imagine a garment that analyzes your every workout move and ensures your performance is optimal. That's the goal of Athos clothing. Will it make all our workouts more effective?

How Dash Headphones Work

Tired of getting your headset wires all tangled up while you jog? The wireless revolution is coming to a treadmill near you. Here's a look at one of the smartest wireless headphones to hit the market.

How does the Puls Wearable differ from a smart watch? is best known as the head pea of the music group Black Eyed Peas. But he also loves technology and created a device (the Puls Wearable) that he insists on calling a smart cuff. What do the critics call it?

How the Pebble Watch Works

It's a Kickstarter darling, but how does the Pebble differentiate itself from the pack of smart watches on the market?

How Misfit Trackers Work

Misfit Trackers have garnered lots of plaudits for their sleek design and multiple color options. But how do they stack up on data collection?

How Lifelogging Works

Keeping track of your calories, sleep habits, even your bowel movements has never been easier with the plethora of apps out there. But what are we doing with all this information?

How the Sony SmartBand Works

It's good to have help when you're trying to stay healthy. The Sony SmartBand is a fitness-tracker with the added bonus of phone and lifelogging capabilities. Is it right for you?

How Helmet Cameras Work

Helmet cameras allow you to capture shots that would be impossible otherwise. What's it like to see a wave coming at you while you surf? But the camera has uses way beyond extreme sports. Who else has jumped on the trend beside athletes?

10 Things Wearables Have Taught Us About Ourselves

We eat too much, sleep too little and need to walk more. We already knew many of the things wearables have taught us, but do they change long-term behavior?

How the Apple Watch Works

Apple is hoping to reinvent personal tech with Apple Watch. Is the dream of the wrist communicator finally coming true?

How could Google Glass detect people's emotions?

Imagine being able to look at people and get a heads-up display about how they're feeling. Now, software is making use of the camera in Google Glass to do just that.

How could a laser pointer take down a plane?

In the United States, it's a felony to knowingly aim a laser pointer at an aircraft. And for good reason: Those little red dots have landed pilots in the hospital.

10 Ways Watches Have Evolved

Portable timepieces have existed since the mid-1500s; however, the wristwatch (as we know it) has only been around for a little more than a century. Learn the many ways that watches have evolved.

10 Gadgets That Really Should Be Obsolete By Now

Technology is ever-evolving, so gadgets that were cutting edge just a few years ago are already obsolete. Here are 10 that linger, though we'd happily eulogize them.

10 Unconventional Uses for GPS

You can get a sense of the transformative power of GPS by taking a look at all the offbeat uses people have dreamed up for it -- like tracking down lost Nativity scenes and preventing shark attacks.

How Virtual Windows Work

Being trapped in a windowless room doesn't mean you have nothing to see. Virtual windows can give the illusion of an exterior wall, and they can provide therapeutic benefits.

How Android Wear Works

Are you ready to slide a smart watch onto your wrist this summer? Google and its Android Wear software are banking on it. But has the time come and gone for wearables?

How a Clothes Steamer Works

A wise man once said, "There's a time to iron and a time to steam." OK, maybe no prophet said it, but it's true. Certain fabrics perform better when steamed rather than ironed.

How Digital Scales Work

If you dismiss a digital scale as just the machine that weighs you, you're missing out. Peer into the heart of this common measuring device and you'll find something wondrous: a set of physical laws ingeniously harnessed to one very handy tool.

How Satellite Phones Work

Sat phones can be your only line of communication in remote areas, but it's a costly way to reach out and touch someone. How do sat phones keep a signal when nothing else can, and why are they sometimes dangerous?