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Kitchen gadgets help make cooking and cleaning in the kitchen a lot easier. Kitchen gadgets range from digital thermometer pans to 2-liter dispensers. Check out these great kitchen gadgets at HowStuffWorks.

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What if you couldn't lift a spoon to your mouth without tipping out the contents? A robotic utensil may make this frustrating scenario a problem of the past.

By Laurie L. Dove

Researchers in Japan have introduced an electric fork that causes the eater to taste salt. Welcome to the stimulating world of electro-gustation.

By Kate Kershner

Grocery shopping may be fun for you, yet for many others it's a pain in the neck. But electronic technology just might make it faster and simpler to run to the store.

By Josh Briggs


Two-liter soda bottles have been popular since they were introduced by Pepsi back in 1970, but there's just one problem. How do you keep the soda from going flat?

By Maria Trimarchi

A nice, hot cup of coffee or tea is nice, but what happens if you get interrupted before you can drink it? If only you had something to warm it up!

Your party is starting in 15 minutes, and everything's perfect. Except you forgot to chill the wine. What are you going to do now?

By John Fuller

What do you do when two dinner party guests want white wine and the rest want red? How can you store the extra vino without it going to waste? The skybar Wine System is one solution.

By Cristen Conger


All-in-one recycling systems collect and compact your recyclables until you're ready to haul them outside to the curb. It seems like a simple invention, but it helps to save the environment and helps consumers save time.

By Josh Clark

If you've ever suffered the indignity of eating a bag of stale chips or freezer-burned leftovers, you may want to consider the FoodSaver System. It vacuum-seals food to keep air out and preserve freshness.

By Josh Clark

This cult coffee maker could cost more than your car. But maybe going without wheels wouldn't be so bad if you had the perfect cup of coffee to start your day.

By Molly Edmonds

If your kitchen instincts are extinct and you've never "whipped something up" in your life, you may be interested in this smart kitchen utensil for newbie cooks.

By Molly Edmonds