Fax Machines

Faxes are a quick way of transmitting important documents to the people who need them. Learn how to use fax in the office or on the go, and all the latest technology tips.


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People Still Use Fax Machines, But, Um, Why?

With the advent of email and scanning, why would anyone want to bother with faxing? Actually, it's still going strong in medical, insurance and government circles. Here's why.

How Thermal Fax Machines Work

The thermal fax machine leverages heat to print words and images. Learn how the thermal fax machine works along with its advantages and disadvantages.

History of the Fax Machine

The fax machine, a cornerstone of modern business, has a long and interesting history of development. Learn more about fax machines in this article.

How Broadcast Fax Works

Broadcast fax allows users to send faxes simultaneously to many recipients. Find out how broadcast fax programs work.

How does faxing over e-mail work?

Faxing over email is a popular and convenient trend for many fax users. Learn more about faxing over email in this article.

How does faxing over the Internet work?

Faxing over the internet has made it faster and easier to send and receive faxes. Check out this article for an explanation of how faxing over the internet works.

How can I receive faxes in my home office without paying for a fax machine and phone line?

Paying for a fax machine and a phone line can be a major expense. But there are alternatives. Learn more in this article.

How Fax Machines Work

Learn all about fax machines and how they transmit information. Choose which desktop fax is best for you with additional reviews and buying guides.