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Our Apps Are Tracking Us 24 Hours a Day

A fitness tracking app that maps people's exercise habits exposed another lapse in our privacy — and critical risk for security of U.S. forces.

So This Might Be Why You Ditched Your Fitbit

When it comes to creating long-time users, one design does not fit all, study finds.

Running While Female: Safety Apps and Tech

Three attacks on female runners prompted us to check out what apps and tech are out there to help keep runners safe and logging those miles.

Is This Why Your Buddy Is Always No. 1 on Fitbit?

Fitness trackers are hugely popular for people who want to increase their activity — and compete with pals. But the accuracy of such devices could be a little off.

10 Weird Wearables That Monitor Your Health

The hottest wearable tech market is the health care market, because a lot of these gadgets can really improve lives. Some of the gadgets are ingenious. Others are just wacky.

Do people who wear fitness trackers really walk more?

With all the benefits of walking — and a surge in fitness trackers on the marketplace — the question still remains: Will wearing a fitness tracker encourage you to walk more?

Are people who wear fitness trackers healthier than people who don't?

You know them — the one in five Americans who own wearable fitness trackers. So are they in better shape than those of us without a wristband tracking our every move? You might be surprised.

How accurate are fitness trackers?

You believe your fitness tracker's data when it says you walked 10,000-plus steps and burned more than 500 calories today. But how accurate are those results? Could your FitBit be underestimating — or (gasp!) inflating — your daily energy output?

Can You Power Your Music Player With Your Running Shoes?

Imagine charging your iPod while you take a jog around the block. The technology isn't too far off and could make dead batteries a thing of the past.

Can a shirt help me lose weight?

Forget the smart watch. This smart shirt might actually help you lose weight.

How can a bracelet track your heart rate?

Your goal is to exercise within your targeted heart rate zone, so accurate heart-rate readings are crucial. Can you depend on a bracelet to give you those results while you're working out?

Should people who use wearables be paid for their data?

Surprise! If you're wearing a fitness tracker, you're likely providing the company that made it loads of data other than how many steps you took today — and all for free.

How Athos Clothing Works

Imagine a garment that analyzes your every workout move and ensures your performance is optimal. That's the goal of Athos clothing. Will it make all our workouts more effective?

How Misfit Trackers Work

Misfit Trackers have garnered lots of plaudits for their sleek design and multiple color options. But how do they stack up on data collection?

How Lifelogging Works

Keeping track of your calories, sleep habits, even your bowel movements has never been easier with the plethora of apps out there. But what are we doing with all this information?

How the Sony SmartBand Works

It's good to have help when you're trying to stay healthy. The Sony SmartBand is a fitness-tracker with the added bonus of phone and lifelogging capabilities. Is it right for you?

How Digital Scales Work

If you dismiss a digital scale as just the machine that weighs you, you're missing out. Peer into the heart of this common measuring device and you'll find something wondrous: a set of physical laws ingeniously harnessed to one very handy tool.

How the Move Tank Top Works

What if you had a fitness garment that could nudge you into proper alignment? Move isn't just about geeking out your spandex. It's about improving and accelerating your overall physical performance and preventing injuries.

How Power Felt Works

What if a piece of fabric could charge your iPod while you run, or fuel your flashlight when the power's out? Think how power felt could change your world.

How ChronoTrack B-Tags Work

You've trained for 16 long weeks, and the day of your very first marathon has dawned -- exceedingly early, we might add. How are the race directors going to ensure that your premier time is clocked as accurately as possible?

How the Nike+ SportBand Works

Since the 2000s, technology has been doing its part in getting us up off the couch, out of the office and into the park for some exercise. Nike was one of the first companies to offer fitness tracking with the Nike+ SportBand.

Why would you want a WiFi scale?

Technology has made its way into every aspect of our lives -- and our alone time with the bathroom scale is no exception. Is there a benefit to having a scale that automatically uploads your weight to the cloud?

How FitBit Works

Imagine a smart, persistent little friend gently nudging you to exercise, eat well and enough sleep every day. The FitBit tracker is that buddy, and its job is help you stay healthy.

How does my device's accelerometer know how far I ran on the treadmill?

Running indoors on a treadmill is a great way to maintain your training when you can't make it outdoors. But how does an app on your smartphone measure the distance you've covered when you're not actually going anywhere?

How Striiv Works

Like several other devices, Striiv is designed to help people track their steps so they can improve their physical fitness. But the company has worked out a way for its users to help other people, too.