Automotive Gadgets

Automotive gadgets are perfect for people who spend a lot of time in their automotible. Automotive gadgets range from bluetooth devices to solar-powered battery chargers. Check out these great automotive gadgets at HowStuffWorks.

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It's a lot harder to develop a breath test for marijuana and opioids than it is for alcohol. But that hasn't stopped a lot of people from trying.

Soon we might rely on flexible wearable monitors to replace breathalyzers and analyze sweat, notifying us if we've had one too many — or are near the limit.

You can easily install many of these gadgets, no matter what your skill level, which enable you to monitor your vehicle's (and your own) performance and ensure you're getting the maximum efficiency out of every mile. Learn more about the top 5 green automotive gadgets to help you save gas and money.

If you're over the legal blood alcohol content, it's illegal to drive your car, not to mention unsafe. Is there an easy way to find out your blood alcohol level?

Cell phone calls while you're driving can be dangerous. But what happens when you absolutely must make or accept a call when you're behind the wheel?

Take a look at these car gadget pictures and see some of the cutting edge technology available for your car. Check out our car gadget pictures.

Eco-friendly people are looking to solar energy to power devices like the Iqua VizorSUN, which combines solar power and Bluetooth technology.

It wasn't long ago when global positioning system (GPS) devices were found only in the hands of the wealthy. Now it seems like everyone has one. But which car GPS device is right for you?

Keyless entry systems have become standard equipment on most new cars and trucks. But if these systems are so common, is it possible for someone other than you to remotely open your car door?

You're ready to hit the open road and you want to take some tunes along with you. But what happens if you have a stack of CDs, yet your car only has a cassette deck?

: Exhaust air jacks make lifting a car off the ground much easier by letting the car's exhaust do the work for you. You can use these jacks for a variety of tasks, including changing tires, installing snow chains and more.

In-car entertainment has come a long way over the years. Thanks to built-in headrest monitors, road trips seem to breeze past when you're watching movies on DVD or playing the latest video gaming systems.

Watching a DVD of your favorite movie or television show is something that everyone enjoys. Why not take that great experience with you wherever you go? But how much is that luxury going to cost?

Sure, all iPhone apps are accessible from your car, but we're not really interested in those apps right now. Our list of 10 apps is specifically designed around your car's operation.

Most automotive electronics can be powered using the cigarette lighter in our cars and trucks. Everything from mobile phones to heated air fresheners. But what if you wanted to power a blender or even a toaster?

You can fine tune it all day, but here's the reality: Your old car stereo is simply not going to give you the level of performance you're looking for. So, what are your options?

Are you ever tempted to install your own car audio or video equipment? After all, how hard could it be to tear out that factory-original car radio and replace it with a state-of-the-art stereo system?

Factory-installed navigation systems have become a popular option on newer cars and trucks. But is this high-tech automotive gadget an affordable option for most car buyers? What options do new and used car buyers have?

Falling asleep at the wheel can be dangerous, if not deadly. Thankfully, anti-sleep alarms will help drivers stay awake.

Over the years, factory original car audio systems have become highly advanced. But for some car owners, these manufacturer-installed audio systems simply aren't enough. What are the options for an on-the-go audiophile?

The light is still red, and there's no one waiting at the intersection except you, good law-abiding driver that you mostly are. What if your car could communicate with that stubborn light and cause it to turn green?

You're driving down a road when your GPS device suddenly urges you to turn right. The sign ahead suggests otherwise. As does the oncoming traffic. What makes your otherwise useful device so wrong sometimes?v

A few auto manufacturers are adding night-vision systems to the vehicles they build in an effort to make driving at night safer. Will night vision become the next got-to-have-it gadget for the automobile?

Most people like to stay connected -- even while on-the-go. It's not difficult when you have access to so many mobile communication technologies. Wouldn't it be great if your car was just as connected as you?