5 Tech Gadgets for Women

Not what women want.
Ryan McVay/Getty Images

When it comes to women-targeted tech, companies used to assume that a female's product choices revolve around just one feature: the color pink. In other words, slather a pink coating on a laptop or mp3 player and you could supposedly transform it into a must-have for female gadget shoppers. Following that line of logic, a chorus line of Pepto-tinted and Swarovski crystal-encrusted keyboards, earbuds, smartphones and other electronics have sashayed into stores, crafted under the erroneous assumption that women can't resist ultra-girly merchandise.

More recently, gadget makers have begun paying more attention to what women really want -- beyond color palettes. Although men still spend more than the ladies on consumer electronics -- an average of $968 compared to $631 in 2010 -- females' financial investment in the market isn't negligible [source: Consumer Electronics Association]. For example, women contributed about $90 billion to consumer electronics consumption in 2007 [source: McGraw]. And the product features attracting those female dollars revolve around functionality rather than just adorableness. Women tend to seek out gadgets that are well-designed, durable and straightforward to use -- kind of like a classic handbag [source: Marroitt].

To burst that stereotypical pink bubble, the following five gadgets exemplify how the consumer electronics industry gets it right for women. Crystal-coated carrying case not included.