10 Ways To Reuse or Recycle Floppy Disks


Remember when AOL would send us a floppy disk for its latest upgrade. You know, the upgrade that was compatible with the 56k dial-up modem. "Lucky day," we'd shout as we pushed the floppy into our disk drive. The computer would make that horrible Matrix noise as it tried to connect to the first number. Oh, Noes! The server is full. Oh, Yeses! The back-up number worked. Can't wait to chat about Korn!

Times have changed. Floppy disks have not. That's the problem. They are incompatible with everything. Universities and companies are lousy with floppy disks, and I'll bet that most of us have a floppy disk or two stashed in a drawer. Well, folks, here are some ideas on how to reuse them.

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