5 Toys You Control With an iPhone

Is your 2-year-old a little too attached to your smartphone?
Aaron McCoy/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Toddlers are increasingly taken with their parents' iPhones, and many experts and parents wonder whether that's a good idea. Some see it as a harmless distraction or an educational tool, but others think it's just another form of screen time that interferes with how normal toddlers should be encouraged to develop. Toys like blocks and balls gather dust while apps and videos get all the attention.

But what if it were possible to have it both ways? What if kids could use their iPhone savvy to operate and engage with physical toys? The excitement that surrounds the iPhone often translates into peripheral developments. Companies continually pop onto the scene to design and craft nifty additional products that iPhone owners can enjoy. Often, these app-controlled toys are designed to make life easier or to cater to a particular hobby or pastime, but sometimes they're purely for fun.

Of course, not all the toys in this list would be toddler-friendly -- some are geared to the inner child -- but in the future, who knows? For now, find out what the world of gadgetry has to offer in terms of toys.