Consumer Electronics Show 2002

Samsung: Palm-Powered Phone

Samsung introduced America's first fully integrated Palm-powered phone with a color screen. If you're looking to maximize productivity and minimize devices, the SPH-I300 is the most practical and user-friendly digital device yet. It combines the full functions of the Palm OS® PDA and a wireless phone with a color screen, one-handed dialing and a sleek, lightweight design.

The I300 features a full 8-bit, 256-color touchscreen panel, plus standard and advanced wireless capabilities. The I300, which employs CDMA technology, lets you do everything from beaming contact information to scheduling meetings and referencing downloaded e-mails while talking on the phone.

This wireless phone and handheld computer eliminates the need for people to carry a separate PDA, laptop and wireless phone. Palm users will enjoy familiar applications, such as Date Book, To Do List, Memo Pad, Expense, HotSync and Address Book, all fully integrated in the phone. Some other time-saving features include voice-activated dialing, voice memo, speed dial and call logs.

The I300 weighs 6 ounces (170 grams), offers speakerphone capabilities, the option to mute during calls, Web browsing through the Openwave Mobile Browser 4.1 and support for Web clipping. Users can download Palm OS-compatible applications and a variety of games, as well as access the MyPalm portal, which provides wireless date book and access to e-mail and wireless content.

For more information, visit Samsung.