Consumer Electronics Show 2002

SIM2: HT 300 Projector

SIM2 Multimedia is the leading manufacturer of CRT- and DLP-based video projection systems for home entertainment, including the award-winning line of Grand Cinema DLP-based projectors. The Grand Cinema line is compatible with all picture standards, including High Definition ATSC, and is connectable to any source. The compact and lightweight HT 300 is the latest addition to the Grand Cinema line.

The HT 300 has incredible accuracy in color reproduction, which plays a vital part in creating a film-like image.

Key points:

  • True contrast ratio - greater than 1100:1
  • Six-segment color wheel
  • Double keystone adjustment
  • New 16:9 (1280x720 pixels) DMD chip by Texas Instruments for 720p native HDTV resolutions Remote input interface

The HT 300 is available now at the suggested retail price of $14,995.00. For more information, visit SIM2.