Consumer Electronics Show 2002

Privacy Technologies: TeleZapper

Privacy Technologies, in its first year at CES, showed off its TeleZapper, which received the 2002 CES Innovation Award for excellence in design and engineering.

The TeleZapper is a small box that attaches to a telephone to dramatically reduce computer-dialed telemarketing calls. About 90 percent of all telemarketing calls are computer-dialed. Every time you pick up the phone or an answering machine kicks on and there's a telemarketing computer on the other end of the line, the TeleZapper emits a special tone that fools the telemarketing computer into thinking that the telephone number is disconnected. Within seconds, your phone number is dropped off the computer's list, and the telemarketer never gets through. Over time, your phone number is dropped from more and more lists.

TeleZapper plugs into any phone or phone jack. It won't interfere with normal calls, answering machines, voicemail, caller ID or call waiting. One TeleZapper covers all phones and answering machines connected to that line. There are no monthly fees or service charges. TeleZapper is available now and sells for $49.95. For more information, visit Privacy Technologies.