Consumer Electronics Show 2002

JMTek: 1-GB USB Drive

Many of today's consumer electronics products use Flash memory, which, unlike regular computer memory, doesn't forget data when the power goes off. One of the first devices to use Flash memory was the digital camera. The Flash USBDrive puts Flash memory technology into the "World's Smallest Drive."

The USBDrive is the size of a car key or a five-piece pack of gum. It allows the user to transport digital assets both securely and quickly. With the USBDrive, you can quickly synchronize personal files between computers at work, home or school without the hassle of cables or compatibility issues.

The drive works on both Windows and Macintosh computers. The Flash USBDrive lets you know when it is properly connected and has power. It indicates when data is being read or written to the drive. The "write protect" switch provides additional security against accidental erasure.

JMTek currently offers the Flash USBDrive and the new Driverless USBDrive in several different sizes. The capacities start at 16 MB and run through 1 GB. The option of VME is also available. Look for the NEW USB 2.0 coming in March 2002. For more information, visit JMTek


JMTek, LLC, now can offer the USBDrive with encryption for its corporate and end users through its alliance with Meganet. This new alliance provides the IT industry with the first and only 1-million-bit encryption in the removable storage arena.

Meganet is a client-focused, data security company. Meganet has developed a revolutionary symmetric encryption algorithm called Virtual Matrix Encryption (VME). The power of VME results from the million-bit key and from a unique data mapping technology that creates exceptionally random cipher text.

For more information, visit Meganet.