Consumer Electronics Show 2001

Nokia Media Terminal

The Nokia Media Terminal
The Nokia Media Terminal

Nokia and Intel have collaborated on a hot new product that Nokia is showing at CES, the Nokia Media Terminal. This multimedia device combines digital television reception, broadband Internet access, digital audio and video distribution throughout your home, video-on-demand services, MP3 player, networked games and a host of other applications in one device!

Based on the Linux operating system, the Media Terminal uses the Mozilla open source browser (Netscape is based on Mozilla) and Nokia's Navibars Lite user interface. Inside the box is an Intel Celeron 366MHz CPU, 20 GB hard drive, 32- to 64-MB SDRAM, 4 MB video SDRAM, 1+1 MB Flash memory for an instant on boot process, 56k modem plus ISDN, ADSL, Ethernet and Cable connections.

Ports include composite and S-Video, RGB Video, RCA audio connectors, a digital audio port, two smart card readers, one PCMCIA connector, two USB ports, two 1394 (Firewire) ports, one phone jack, one IR port, one Ethernet connection and one Common Interface port.

The unit also incorporates DVR (Digital Video Recording) with a capacity of about 30 hours of video.