Consumer Electronics Show 2001


Sony Satellite Radio
Sony Satellite Radio

Sony introduced a number of new products at CES in several categories:

XM Satellite Radio Receiver

(DRN-XM01) Featuring XM Satellite Radio reception, the DRN-XM01 is a portable receiver that can be connected to a standard home stereo or connected to an in-dash car radio. The receiver will use a digital line input if the car radio has it, otherwise you can use the optional cassette adapter.


(EMK-01) A neat little gadget that is available now for about $20, the EMK-01 can be put on your keychain. Install the included software on your PC and enter the call letters and frequency for your three favorite radio stations. Then, whenever you hear a song on the radio that you want more information about, simply press the button on the tiny device. When you get back home, plug the eMarker into the USB connected cradle and it will retrieve the song title, artist and other pertinent information and display it on your computer.

Sony eMarker Sony eMarker
Sony eMarker

SACD Players

Two new products, SCD-C555ES Multi-Channel SACD/CD Five-Disc Changer and SCD-CE775 Multi-Channel SACD/CD Five-Disc Changer offer the multi-channel SACD support. The SCD-C555ES is a high-end player targeted at professionals and demanding audiophiles while the SCD-CE775 is designed to bring the excitement of SACD to the average consumer.

DVD RW Dual Compatible Recorder

Designed primarily for archiving VHS video to DVD, this device will support both DVD-RW and DVD+RW media. Sony also previewed DVR-Blue technology for the first time in the United States. This technology uses a blue-violet laser diode to increase DVD disc capacity to over 22 gigabytes, about the same as five normal DVDs! Another neat DVD product is a 300 disc changer that will play either DVDs or CDs.


Wireless AV/IT Gateway

Wireless LCD-based entertainment devices are quite popular at this year's CES. Sony's new concept product, currently available in Japan, allows consumers access to e-mail, TV broadcasts, the Internet, video content and digital still images from almost anywhere inside their homes. The unit has a LCD touch-screen, PS2 keyboard connector and separate base station. You can control devices such as televisions, A/V receivers, CD/DVD players, digital satellite and cable boxes through the use of the included IR Blaster.

eVilla Network Entertainment Center

Boasting an unusual 15-inch, portrait-oriented display, eVilla comes with a keyboard and mouse and is bundled with an ISP that costs $21.95 a month. It enables users to instantly access e-mail, navigate the Web, listen to audio and Internet radio stations, and view video and images. It features instant-on access and also integrates two USB ports for easy connectivity, plus a Memory Stick media slot.

Trinitron Wega Television

Featuring a 40-inch CRT, the largest in the industry, the newest Wega adds several enhancements including Digital Reality Creation (DRC) MultiFunction with CineMotion reverse 3:2 pull-down process.

VAIO PCV-LX900 Slimtop Pen Tablet

A new addition to the VAIO line of computers, this full-performance PC is highlighted by a touchscreen LCD panel that folds down to a near horizontal angle. Using a special electromagnetic stylus, you are able to easily draw and edit images directly on the screen, like a artist's sketchpad, or view web pages just like you read a book.