Consumer Electronics Show 2001

DataPlay Micro-optical Disks
A micro-optical disk is tiny and holds 500 megabytes
A micro-optical disk is tiny and holds 500 megabytes

One of the most exciting products to debut at CES (it won the Best of Show award) is DataPlay's micro-optical storage media. Not much larger than a quarter, these tiny optical discs are capable of storing about 500 MB of data. The micro-optical player/recorder is about the size of a matchbox and features a 1 MB per second transfer rate, allowing it to record and play back faster than a typical CD!

A micro-optical disk drive

The number of products already in production for this new storage media is amazing. MP3 players, digital cameras, removable drives, home entertainment, PDAs and many more devices are incorporating DataPlay drives. Some of the highlights include a home entertainment system from Samsung that includes a portable audio player with DataPlay drive. The portable player docks into the top of the entertainment center to recharge and play through the system but can easily be removed for use on the go. Other devices include removable DataPlay drives that connect to your computer via USB or PCMCIA slot and innovative PDA devices.