Consumer Electronics Show 2001

Seiko Super Wristwatch!

The Seiko Wristwatch Companion
The Seiko Wristwatch Companion

Seiko's Wristwatch Companion packs an amazing number of features into a device not much larger than a typical wristwatch:

To use the device as a cell phone, you must take it off your wrist. On the underside of the band on either side of the main device are a speaker and microphone.

A really neat feature is the wireless security function. Each Wristwatch Companion has a unique ID embedded in the unit. For example, if you have a PC that is Bluetooth enabled, you will be able to set up the PC so that it will not allow access unless your Companion is within a certain distance.

Entering information such as phone numbers requires the use of a tiny joypad navigation button on the watch face. The device has a 128-in. by 92-in. grayscale LCD and a rechargeable battery. The unit comes with a sleek recharging station that also serves as a stand to keep the Companion on when not in use.