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Other Gadgets

Want to learn more about gadgets? Explore gadgets through the decades and see how some of your favorite gadgets work.

Google Glass Can Teach You Morse Code in Four Hours

Light vibrations from the wearable make learning Morse code (and potentially many other tasks) a lot easier, according to new research.

Explore Deep Ocean Thermal Vents With This 3-D Virtual Reality Video

Once the domain of robots, the seafloor's becoming more accessible thanks to 3-D, HD videos like this one created near Samoa by the research vessel Falkor.

Body Blow! Body Blow! Counting Punches With Wearables for Boxers

You want to know how many uppercuts you're throwing, right? The wearable tech company Hykso has your back.

Newly Developed Wearable Tech Can Analyze Your Sweat for Important Data

A new wearable monitor can analyze the chemical content of perspiration. Such gadgets could detect signs of dehydration and fatigue, or help manage health problems.

Would You Pee Into Your Socks to Power Your Phone, Save Your Life?

"Stranded on a desert island" scenarios may vanish thanks to urine-powered socks that could allow you to send a life-saving text even if there's no outlet to plug into.

Hold on to Your Socks. They’ll Help You Watch Netflix

You doze off while watching "Jessica Jones." Next thing you know, she's getting busy with Luke Cage. How did this happen? What did you miss? Your Netflix socks can help.

That PalmPilot Is Way Cool

That's right. Old technology is good technology these days. Retro tech is cool, so bust out your Game Boy already.

How Haptic Footwear Works

You're used to your smartphone's vibration alerts, but could the same technology in a shoe really help give the wearer directions?

Wearable Tech for Pets: A Whole New Way to Call Your Dog

With this new breed of smart collars, you'll know when your dog is napping, frolicking or needing a boost in activity levels.

How Smart Rings Work

We have smartphones, smart watches and now smart rings. But can a gadget that small really help you manage your communication and information needs?