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Tech Myths

Tech myths can be difficult to spot because we can never really know the limits of such ever-changing technology. Are there limits to the powers of the internet, Facebook and video games? To learn more about such topics, check out these articles.

Top 10 Myths About Apple

Apple is one of the most successful companies around -- and one of the most mysterious. Here, we consider and debunk 10 of the biggest myths surrounding this tech giant.

Top 5 Myths About the Internet

There are many myths about the Internet. Do you know what is true and what is not? Take a look at these five myths about the Internet and learn more. See more »

5 Myths About Twitter

These top myths about Twitter help uncover the real facts about this social networking site. See myths about Twitter and get informed. See more »

Top 5 Myths About Google, Inc.

Do you know the myths about Google and what is true or false about this giant company? Take a look at our list of top five myths about Google. See more »