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Tech Myths

Tech myths can be difficult to spot because we can never really know the limits of such ever-changing technology. Are there limits to the powers of the internet, Facebook and video games? To learn more about such topics, check out these articles.

Top 5 Myths About Yahoo

Long before Facebook, Wikipedia and Google, there was Yahoo! The Internet start-up took the world by storm in 1994 and continues to be a huge player in the online arena, but rumors of its imminent demise abound. Why?

Top 5 Myths About the Internet

For something so entrenched in our everyday lives, we sure don't know much about the Internet. That might explain all of the half-truths, falsehoods and straight-up myths that surround it. We happily deconstruct five of them here.

5 Myths About Twitter

With all the gossip regarding Twitter, it's easy to be confused. We'll debunk five of the most common Twitter myths.

Top 5 Myths About Google, Inc.

Google is easily one of the world's biggest and most talked-about companies, but people don't really know much about it. Rumors abound, but the truth is a mere Google search away.