Future Tech

What will future technology look like and what will it do? Explore the possibilities.

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If you're curious what the future holds, dig into the novels, articles and research done by these 10 amazing minds. You might be surprised what they predict.

By Patrick J. Kiger

Will we take an elevator to space? Will we live in floating cities? Will computers live inside our bodies? What does the future hold?

By Patrick J. Kiger

Futurists can dish out some exciting -- and downright scary -- visions for the future of machines and science. Here are 10 of them in the realm of technology.

By Terri Briseno


Health care trends often seem unpredictable -- unless you're a futurist, that is. While they're not fortune-tellers, these educated guessers have interesting ideas about what the future world of health could look like.

By Shanna Freeman

Today's computers would blow the minds of early computing pioneers, and the machines of tomorrow will do things we can't imagine today. As computing power climbs to ever-more-stellar heights, how will it affect our world and the way we live?

By Jacob Clifton

Could it make us immortal? Could we move objects with our own minds? You won't believe how this technology will alter our world.

By Patrick J. Kiger