How-to Tech

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How to Add RAM to Your Desktop

If your desktop computer is acting sluggish, it might need more memory. Adding more RAM will help your machine run more smoothly -- and it's not as difficult as it sounds.

How to Secure Your Home Network

Leaving your home network unsecure is like leaving your front door unlocked. How long will it be before someone finds that it's open and walks right in?

How to Use Your iPhone as a Security Camera

Finding your parking spot, playing your music and calling your buddies isn't enough? There's another use for your precious iPhone, but don't blame us when it's stolen.

How to Jailbreak an iPhone

So you have a shiny new iPhone and loads of applications available through Apple. But the apps you really want aren't there. Can you jailbreak your phone?

How To Protect Against Identity Theft

The thought of having your identity stolen and your credit ruined can be terrifying. So what can you do to keep your personal information safe?

How to Back Up a Hard Drive

Your computer's hard drive has all your stored music, pictures and everything you've worked on for the past few years. What would you do if your hard drive crashed?

How to Defrag Your Hard Drive

Your computer is running slowly. You've checked it for viruses and spyware, but other than a few cookies, it's clean. So what's the problem and what can you do about it?

How to Remove a Computer Virus

So your computer got infected with a virus. It happens to the best of us. You've got to move on, but what do you need to do to get your computer back into shape?

How to Unlock a Cell Phone or Smartphone

If you switch cell phone providers in the United States, you can take your number with you. But you probably can't use your cell phone -- unless it's been unlocked.

How to Fix Your Zombie Computer

Installing malware on your computer could enable crackers to take it over as a zombie computer. So what happens once you find out your machine's been hijacked?

How to Choose a Surround Sound System

You thought your home theater setup was nice until you watched TV at your friend's house. He's got it equipped with a surround sound system. How can you match his movielike audio quality?