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How Cutting-edge Technology Works

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Should Smart Devices Be Able to Automatically Call the Cops?

Suppose a smart home device was programmed to call the police if it heard certain words or sounds? Good idea or bad?

Here’s Something Else Your Smart Watch Can Do: Detect Irregular Heartbeat

Scientists have come up with an app that can detect atrial fibrillation.

Breast Is Best When It's Wireless

Nursing’s great, except when you’re stuck in one spot pumping for hours every single day. Several new breast pump models could change the pain of that scenario.

How Amazon Echo Works

Amazon Echo might look like a cylindrical Bluetooth speaker, but could it actually be the voice-controlled computer that will finally walk us into the future?

Forget the Invisible TV: We Want the Invisible Cooktop!

Panasonic showed off some invisible products at an electronics show. How do they work?

Your Jeans Could Someday Power Your Phone

Chinese scientists have created the first fibers that can capture solar energy and survive the clothing manufacturing process.

This 'Smart Jacket' Knows What Temperature Will Keep You Warm This Winter

Someone should invent a jacket that automatically adjusts to keep you comfortable no matter the temperature inside or out. Someone just did.

Pretty Handy? Gloves Turn Sign Language Into Speech and Text

Two college undergrads have invented a pair of gloves that can track sign language and turn it into either spoken word or text.

Franky Zapata Shatters Hoverboard World Record

Zapata traveled more than 2 kilometers while riding the Flyboard Air, a jet-powered hoverboard. The previous record for farthest distance was a mere 276 meters.

High-tech Glasses Adjust Focus Depending on Where You Look

Want to ditch those reading glasses for specs that won't make your head spin every time you look around? One company is working on glasses that do all the heavy lifting.