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Future Tech

What will future technology look like and what will it do? Explore the possibilities.

In-ear Tech Aims to Translate Spoken Foreign Language in Real Time

The Pilot, created by Waverly Labs, is a wearable device that's hoping to get us one step closer to the Babel Fish and Star Trek's universal translator.

Would a $15 Minimum Wage Spawn a Robot-ruled Workforce?

Ex-CEO of McDonald’s USA Ed Rensi recently said it’s a bad idea to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, predicting an inevitable robot takeover. Is his argument sound?

Swarm Intelligence Correctly Predicts Top Four Kentucky Derby Finishers

If you'd bet $20 on the swarm intelligence platform's Superfecta picks, announced a day before the race, you'd have won more than $10,000. Yep, this just got interesting.

Edible Spider Silk Coating Keeps Fruit Fresh Without Refrigeration

Dipping fruit in a 1-percent silk fibroin water solution could help with the world's massive food waste problem.

Why Google Warned Us About

Google's safe browsing tool flags any hanky-panky going on at a particular Web address. This week one of the sites it dubbed "partially dangerous" was

Headphones That Could Make You Happy

Imagine slipping in a pair of ear buds for half an hour or so and feeling way better after. And not just from the tunes.

Chinese Restaurants Fire Robot Servers, Forestalling Robot Apocalypse

A string of restaurants in Guangzhou, China, made headlines this month by terminating their robotic waitstaff. What does this mean for the future of robotic restaurants?

Squid Teeth and Spider Silk Heal Your Future Body

You know those little rings of sucker teeth on squid? They could prove useful for more than just snaring would-be prey.

Getting Intel on Intel

Sure, Intel still makes processors, but what else has the company been up to? And what in the world is an adrenaline dress?

How Children's Stories Could Be the Key to Creating Ethical Robots

How do we teach our future robotic helpers to have a moral sense? We may have to treat them like human children, exposing them to the same human folk stories.