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Future Tech

What will future technology look like and what will it do? Explore the possibilities.

New, Free Tool Gives Everyone a Satellite View of Illegal Fishing

Global Fishing Watch is a new online platform that allows anyone to track large fishing vessels via satellite technology. Would you use it?

This Camera Can Read a Book Without Opening It

And there already are some practical uses for this incredible technology.

Seoul Tries to Battle Smartphone Zombies

South Korea's capital has seen smartphone-related traffic accidents triple since 2010, but city officials are fighting back against the smombies. Here's how.

Slithering Medical Robots Could Snake Inside Your Body Some Day

A new robot draws inspiration from the motion of snakes to get around using a pure wave motion.

Voxels, Acoustics and Hippopotamus Bugles

Engineers have created the acoustic equivalent of Lego blocks.

Roam Free, Bessie: Startup Creates Leather in the Lab

New company turns collagen into leather hides, right in the lab.

We'll Need Sideways Elevators to Build Cities of the Future

Wouldn't it be cool if a maglev elevator could move in any direction, instead of just up and down? A German company created a cable-free one called the MULTI that can.

Fingerprint ID System for Babies Being Developed

Infant fingerprints are tough to detect, but new technology can fix that. Here's why it's needed.

Creepy Synthetic Dog Cadaver Could Revolutionize Vet Training

A company called Syndaver seeks crowdfunding for its veterinary tool in hopes to eliminate the practice of training on live animals.

How Glowforge Reimagined Laser Tech to Break Crowdfunding Records

Startup Glowforge plans to market an affordable 3-D printer that, instead of spraying layers of material to build objects, uses a laser to cut or engrave shapes.