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Everyday Tech

How do batteries work? How much energy is your plugged-in gadget using? How do UPC codes work? Find this out and more with Everyday Tech.

Computer Technology in Pictures

With so many types of computer technology out there, how do you keep up? With these cool image galleries that explain basic parts and technologies of everything computer-related.

Find out what can be sucking the power right under your noses. Save energy by avoiding phantom power. See more »

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How Gorilla Glass Works

Gorilla Glass is a scratch- and impact-resistant glass that can be used on cell phones and other gadgets. Learn what makes Gorilla Glass so tough. See more »

What is the future of communication?

What is the future of communication? Are the days of the cell phone numbered? Find out about new technologies and the future of communication. See more »

Will modern digital communications permanently affect human behavior?

Will modern digital communications affect human behavior? Will we change the way we think? See if modern communications will affect human behavior. See more »

Top 5 Technology Trends of 2009

Take a look at the top five technology trends of 2009 for a year in a review. Learn about the the technology trends of 2009. See more »

Should you consolidate all your technology into one device?

With all the technology devices out there, should you consolidate all your gadgets into one? Take a look a the pros and cons to technology devices. See more »

Battery Pictures

These battery pictures cover the history, new technologies and environmental concerns of batteries. View battery pictures on HowStuffWorks. See more »

How Energy-efficient Electronics Work

Energy-efficient electronics can help you save money by using less electricity. Learn more about different types of energy-efficient electronics. See more »

How Haptic Technology Works

Haptic technology provides physical sensations that enable electronics to give their users feedback. Learn more about haptic technology. See more »