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Everyday Tech

How do batteries work? How much energy is your plugged-in gadget using? How do UPC codes work? Find this out and more with Everyday Tech.

Computer Technology in Pictures

With so many types of computer technology out there, how do you keep up? With these cool image galleries that explain basic parts and technologies of everything computer-related.

Find out what can be sucking the power right under your noses. Save energy by avoiding phantom power. See more »

Some surge protectors use gas to protect your appliances. Learn about the purpose of a gas discharge arrestor from this article. See more »

How Gorilla Glass Works

Touch screens are useful, assuming you don't drop and break them, or scratch them up in your pocket or purse. How do you make abuse-resistant glass? Ask Corning. See more »

What is the future of communication?

The days of the cell phone are numbered. Superior technology has already surpassed it and is now moving on to the next level. Which cutting-edge technologies are here to stay and which are flashes in a pan? See more »

Will modern digital communications permanently affect human behavior?

These days, information is coming at us from all directions -- it can be hard to stay focused on the task at hand. Some say modern communications methods will permanently change the way we think. See more »

Top 5 Technology Trends of 2009

Every year there's a brand new wave of hardware and software that hits the market. Some products go boom, others go bust. As 2009 drew to a close, what technological trends turned out to be the year's biggest hits? See more »

Should you consolidate all your technology into one device?

As electronics become smaller and more functional, you can do more things with fewer devices. But is putting all that technology in one device a good idea? See more »

Battery Pictures

Batteries power innumerable objects in our world and are becoming more "green" every day. Take a look at the history, technologies and environmental concerns surrounding these everyday powerhouses. See more »

How Energy-efficient Electronics Work

Your appliances use electricity all day, whether you're there or not. Some manufacturers are helping consumers out by making their electronics more efficient. See more »

How Haptic Technology Works

Ever wonder how flat cell phone keys vibrate to let you know you've pressed a button? It's called haptics, and you can use it for lots more than just phones. See more »