Top 5 Car Gadgets

An Amish family out for a drive.
An Amish family out for a drive.

­The 1985 blockbuster film "Witness" considers what would happen if a big-city cop, as portrayed by Harrison Ford, had to hide out with an Amish community because of widespread police corruption in a murder case. John Book, the police officer, has to adapt to a completely different way of life. He dresses differently and participates in simple pleasures like a barn-raising. Though a certain Amish lady makes the cop want to stick around, John Book knows that he ultimately can't fit in completely. But what if he had? What if there had been the need for a sequel, detailing how a man who's been living with the Amish becomes reacquainted with modern-day society?

The field of car gadgets may mystify a character like John Book, if we suppose he's been living in an Amish community all this time, but that doesn't mean it's any easier for the rest of us to navigate. The past few years have seen an explosion of various car gadgets, and some people are just as likely to have in-car sandwich makers as they are to have fuzzy dice these days. Some gadgets, however, have distinguished themselves -- these gadgets are both useful and cool, trendy and functional. These are the top gadgets you'll want to consider with your next car purchase. And if there ever was a sequel to "Witness," these are the gadgets that John Book should know before he abandons his buggy.

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