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The Ultimate Spotify Quiz

Can you spot a new digital music phenomenon? Well, maybe you can and maybe you can't. With this quiz, we'll see just how much you know about Spotify and the digital music revolution.

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  • 10 Types of Microphones

    10 Types of Microphones

    Like most other electronics, microphones have evolved over time. The most modern versions convert waves of air pressure into electric signals, but different models do it in very different ways. See more »

  • Are premium audio cables worth the investment?

    Are premium audio cables worth the investment?

    The sales guy says you need premium audio cables if you want premium sound. Is he telling you the truth, or is he just trying to make a buck? See more »

  • Are turntables becoming popular again?

    Are turntables becoming popular again?

    In 2011, new vinyl record sales grew 39 percent over 2010 sales -- higher than they'd been in 20 years. Are turntables becoming popular again? You've got to have something on which to play all those newly-purchased vinyl records. See more »

  • Can a T-shirt turn sound into electricity?

    Can a T-shirt turn sound into electricity?

    Let's say you like to go shows. You also like to have your smartphone all juiced up so you can tell everyone how hard you're rocking out. This funky phone charger could help out with that. See more »

  • Can I turn my iPhone into a guitar amp?

    Can I turn my iPhone into a guitar amp?

    You can use an iPhone to tune your guitar, learn chords, and even record new songs. But can you really replace your amplifier and effects pedals with the same device you used to book a show? See more »

  • Earbuds vs. Headphones

    Earbuds vs. Headphones

    Audiophiles like to debate the pros and cons of speakers, headphones and earphones. When it comes to earbuds and headphones, though, they might just want at least one pair of each. See more »

  • How a Theremin Works

    How a Theremin Works

    Ever wonder about that eerie-sounding music in old sci-fi flicks? Those haunting strains may come from a theremin, an instrument you play without touching. How's that possible? Find out in this article. See more »

  • How Beats Audio Works

    How Beats Audio Works

    According to Dr. Dre, "people aren't hearing all the music" when they listen to it on the average earbuds and speakers. What kind of sound do Dre's Beats Audio products deliver? See more »

  • How Bone-conducting Headphones Work

    How Bone-conducting Headphones Work

    Did you know that your bones can hear stuff? Yes, it's true. And using bone-conducting headphones instead of ear buds may be a lot better for your ears. How do these headphones do their job? See more »

  • How Dash Headphones Work

    How Dash Headphones Work

    Tired of getting your headset wires all tangled up while you jog? The wireless revolution is coming to a treadmill near you. Here's a look at one of the smartest wireless headphones to hit the market. See more »

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