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Audio and Music Gadgets

Audio and music gadgets are staples in today's world. Articles in this channel range from noise-canceling headphones to portable media centers. Learn more about audio and music gadgets.

How Vibration Speakers Work

Some materials are better conductors of sound than others. Most speakers work best when you don't put anything on them. But some others are louder when you put them on another surface.

How Dash Headphones Work

Dash headphones are some of the smartest wireless headphones to hit the market. Learn about the technology behind Dash headphones. See more »

Can a T-shirt turn sound into electricity?

If your T-shirt could turn sound into electricity, music concerts would keep your gadgets powered up. But can a T-shirt really turn sound into electricity? See more »

What's the world's largest iPod dock?

iPhone or iPod docks often take after classic clock radios. But not this one. Find out what the world's largest iPod dock is. See more »

Can I turn my iPhone into a guitar amp?

An iPhone can do a lot of things, but a guitar amp? Find out if you can turn your iPhone into a guitar amp. See more »

Are premium audio cables worth the investment?

The sales guy says you need premium audio cables if you want premium sound. Are premium audio cables worth the investment? See more »

Earbuds vs. Headphones

Earbuds and headphones have different features and functions. Learn about the differences between earbuds and headphones. See more »

How Synthesizers Work

Ever wonder how a synthesizer works? Read this article to learn how a synthesizer works to produce sound and music. See more »

What is optical audio?

Optical audio offers a new way to send audio and video from your gear to your ear. Learn how optical audio works. See more »

Which home theater approach is better: components or all-in-one systems?

Should you do home theater components or all-in-one home theater system? Find out the pros and cons to home theater components vs. all-in-one systems. See more »

How Wireless Speakers Work

Wireless speakers can eliminate some of those pesky audio cables. While they do have advantages, wireless speakers also come with some strings attached. See more »