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Audio and Music Gadgets

Audio and music gadgets are staples in today's world. Articles in this channel range from noise-canceling headphones to portable media centers. Learn more about audio and music gadgets.

How Underwater Sound Systems Work

If all you do is swim in the pool and play the occasional game of Marco Polo, you are missing out. An underwater sound system could get you doing the electric boogaloo on land and in water. How cool is that?

How Dash Headphones Work

Tired of getting your headset wires all tangled up while you jog? The wireless revolution is coming to a treadmill near you. Here's a look at one of the smartest wireless headphones to hit the market.

Can a T-shirt turn sound into electricity?

Let's say you like to go shows. You also like to have your smartphone all juiced up so you can tell everyone how hard you're rocking out. This funky phone charger could help out with that.

What's the world's largest iPod dock?

The average iPod or iPhone docks take after classic clock radios. But not this one. Trust us, there is no way you could fit this dock on a nightstand.

Can I turn my iPhone into a guitar amp?

You can use an iPhone to tune your guitar, learn chords, and even record new songs. But can you really replace your amplifier and effects pedals with the same device you used to book a show?

Are premium audio cables worth the investment?

The sales guy says you need premium audio cables if you want premium sound. Is he telling you the truth, or is he just trying to make a buck?

Earbuds vs. Headphones

Audiophiles like to debate the pros and cons of speakers, headphones and earphones. When it comes to earbuds and headphones, though, they might just want at least one pair of each.

How Synthesizers Work

Can you think of an instrument more influential in modern music than the electric guitar? How about the synthesizer? From analog to digital, synthesizers have changed the landscape of sound as we know it.

What is optical audio?

As companies dream up better audio and video standards and storage media, they also add new ways to send it crisply from your gear to your ear, and optical audio is one of them.

Which home theater approach is better: components or all-in-one systems?

Will those crazy car chases look and sound better on a components or all-in-one home theater system? That is the question.

How Wireless Speakers Work

If you've ever wanted to eliminate some of those pesky audio cables, wireless speakers may sound like a great idea. They have some advantages, but wireless speakers still come with some strings attached.