How Noise-canceling Headsets Work

Bluetooth Image Gallery Smaller, stylish headsets can pick up your voice through the vibrations from your jaw. See more pictures of Bluetooth devices.
Courtesy of Aliph

You're walking down a busy street when your cell phone rings. Do you pick up and shout over the din while straining to listen to your caller, or do you miss the call? If you have a noise-canceling headset, you don't have to choose. It's designed to eliminate environmental noise so you can have a conversation at a normal voice level almost anywhere. The mouthpiece of the noise-canceling headset works by detecting only your voice vibrations, which the device picks up through your jaw bone.

­Noise-canceling headsets help out in many environments. You can use it in the office when you're trying to conduct a business call as your co-workers gab away near your desk. It's a discreet option when you're on a busy street and don't want to shout your credit-card number into your cell phone. Now that several states are requiring hands-free cell phones for drivers, headsets also provide a perfect alternative to breaking the law.

But how does your phone know which voice to pick up? In this article, we'll look at how noise-canceling headsets work.

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