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Apple iPhone 4S

At first, Apple fans were upset that the company's phone launch in 2011 was an updated iPhone 4. But the device sold well anyhow.
At first, Apple fans were upset that the company's phone launch in 2011 was an updated iPhone 4. But the device sold well anyhow.
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Apple lost its co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs in 2011. After returning to the company in the late 1990s, Jobs made the company's press releases much-talked-about events, where at first Apple fans and later geeks of all stripes tuned in to see what new gadgets Apple was ready to release. The company set patterns of release dates for its products, and as 2011 wore on, Apple fans and tech journalists were talking about the features and design of what they believed would be the iPhone 5.

But when the time came, Apple surprised many people by introducing an upgraded version of its previous model -- the iPhone 4S. The design was the same but the update included an 8-megapixel camera, a dual-core processor and improved graphics processing. It also fixed the antenna problems that drew so much criticism over the iPhone 4 when callers could accidentally short circuit the antennas, causing phone calls to drop [source: Beavis]. The phone was also the first of Apple's gadgets to take advantage of a new voice-recognition software called Siri.

Initial public reaction was mixed. Some were angry that Apple didn't release a brand-new device. Others were ready to upgrade and were happy with the new features. By the time December rolled around, the iPhone 4S outsold all other phones sold by AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, the top three U.S. carriers [source: Forbes].

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