5 Technology Gadgets That Make Great Gifts


Solio Bolt Charger

Every gadget fan knows that a low battery is a cause for concern. As our tech arsenals grow, we run the risk of draining a battery to empty just as we need a gadget the most. The Solio Bolt Charger is a support device -- it holds enough juice to recharge a smartphone up to two times without needing its own recharge.

There are a couple of options you can use to power up a Solio Bolt Charger. The gadget has solar panels on it, so just leaving it in a sunny place will allow it to store electricity. You can also plug it into a wall using an adapter or into a USB charging port with a USB cable.

If you're buying a Solio Bolt Charger as a companion for a specific gadget, you should keep in mind that the charger doesn't come with USB cables. You might want to purchase an extra cable for the companion device.