5 Technology Gadgets That Make Great Gifts

What are some of the hot new gadgets on the market today?

The gift-giving season brings both joy and frustration to those determined to find just the right present for their loved ones. Those of us who love tech heads, gadget gurus and geeks know that the right electronic doohickey can go a long way to getting that picture-perfect moment when it's time to open gifts. But sorting through all the options is an exhausting and overwhelming prospect.

How do you know which digital horse to back when shopping for gadgets? Some devices, like Apple's iPad tablets, have met with incredible success and will be supported for years to come. But others, like the Nintendo 3DS, have had a rougher time after a big debut, and may struggle down the road.

That's where our list comes in. We've taken a look at some of the newest gadgets on the market and looked at the buzz surrounding them. Following are five gadgets we think make good gifts for the gadget lover in your life.