Electronic Gadgets

"Gadget" is a catch-all word these days for nifty devices. We've covered the basics, such as clocks & watches, plus delved into the world of present-day and future high-tech gadgets, such as digital jewelry and restaurant pagers.

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Sometimes your watch is a little slow -- or at least that's what your friends insist. But down deep you wonder: Whose timepiece is really correct -- yours or theirs? And furthermore, just how accurate can anyone expect his watch to be?

By Patrick J. Kiger

Positive feedback can be the key to a regular exercise regimen. Motorola's MOTOACTV device collects sensor data, provides geographic location and even plays music to keep workouts going.

By Jonathan Strickland

Your wrist device links to a net of synchronized computers orbiting Earth to provide you with highly accurate data: It's not sci-fi; it's a GPS watch.

By Matt Cunningham


Almost every household owns a toaster and this appliance have been used for many generations to toast your favorite foods like bread and waffles. Take a look inside this gadget to see how it works.

By Sharita Sykes

While practicing your swing, have you ever wondered how that tennis ball launcher could manage a perfect serve every time? Go to the next image to see how the tennis ball launcher looks on the inside.

By Sharita Sykes

When writing, you are making a visual recording of your thoughts. The Livescribe Pulse pen takes it a little bit further and makes a digital recording as well. See how this smartpen works.

By Sharita Sykes

Technology moves so quickly that sometimes it seems like every new release is outdated the minute it hits store shelves. Which electronic doodads stood out enough to make headlines in 2011?

By Chris Pollette


10 ways to reuse or recycle floppy disks. Learn more about the 10 ways to reuse or recycle floppy disks.

By Josh Peterson, Planet Green

In all likelihood, there is at least one small box in the back of the closet full of cassette tapes that you just haven't gotten rid of. Learn more about these 8 great projects to resuse old cassette tapes.

By Jaymi Heimbuch

Want to put that brain to work with some DIY that will actually help you in your day-to-day grind? From cooking with the sun to protecting the screen on your smartphone, these projects will satisfy your crafty techie side.

By Nathan Chandler

If you have a lantern flashlight, you probably know about the enormous batteries they require. An you probably also know...they aren't rechargeable. Learn more about hacking your lantern flashlight to keep going and going.

By Jaymi Heimbuch


When VHS was big, I collected movies. I had a giant collection spanning several shelves, then a new device came out called a DVD player. Learn more about how to recyclem reuse and rid yourself of VHS tapes.

By Josh Peterson, Planet Green

Recycle old earbuds into DIY speakers. Learn how to recycle your old earbuds and turn them into DIY speakers.

By Megan Cohen, Planet Green

My laptop is a great little workhorse, but it overheats like nobody's business. Learn more about the 5 cheapest & easiest DIY laptop stands.

By Jaymi Heimbuch

You can easily install many of these gadgets, no matter what your skill level, which enable you to monitor your vehicle's (and your own) performance and ensure you're getting the maximum efficiency out of every mile. Learn more about the top 5 green automotive gadgets to help you save gas and money.

By Eric J. Leech, Planet Green


Technology waits for no one. But that's a good thing if you need to find this year's must-have gadget for the man (or men) on your shopping list. See what we chose as our top picks.

By Patrick E. George

Tech fanatics are notoriously hard to find the perfect gift for. It seems like there's always some new gizmo that captures their attention. What are some ideas for the gadget fanatic on your list?

By Jonathan Strickland

Go ahead and trash those stress balls and return your company-issued swag back to the PR department from which it came. It's time you injected a little high-tech fun into your work life, and this list should get you off to the right start.

By Robert Lamb

Whether you're doing some serious holiday gift shopping or if you're just a little Bluetooth-curious, you'll find this list of devices includes something for everyone.

By Cherise Threewitt


Even though prices are lower than ever before, a laptop is still a significant investment. If you use the right criteria when shopping, you can feel confident that you're getting the best value for your money and the best machine for your needs.

By Wesley Fenlon

So many tablets, so little time. We'll give you the tips to choose the one that's right for you.

By Beth Brindle

A high-def TV and big, booming speakers are nice, but to get the most out of your home entertainment system, you need a quality AV receiver to handle all your gear. Here's what to look for when choosing one.

By Chris Opfer

E-readers come in all shapes and sizes. So which one's right for you?

By Chris Warren


Filling the family gadget-geek's stocking with small gifts can require a team of savvy elves. We have five suggestionsthat won'ttake too much out of Santa's wallet.

By Kristen Hall-Geisler

Lots of people feel completely lost when choosing a smartphone. But with a little time and a little research, it's easy to figure exactly what you need, what you want and what you can do without.

By Jamie Page Deaton