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10 Biggest Gadgets of 2011

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Gadget mania has taken over people of all ages looking to find that new digital toy.

You've been saving for months, fishing coins out of sewers with a piece of gum and a stick and searching under your friends' couch cushions when they weren't looking, just to buy that fancy little chunk of plastic, silicon and nigh-unbreakable glass you've had your eye on. You finally race to the store to fork over your hard-won cash and head home, delighted with your new device. That is, until you pass by a store window and the next darling of the gadget world lures you in with some new feature or a cooler-looking bezel.

That's the way of the tech world. As soon as one device debuts, the manufacturer starts readying the next one for release -- and competitors plan on trying to better it. But even as cluttered as store shelves get with hot electronic gadgetry, there are always a few that really drive the marketplace. We've picked a handful of gadgets, listed in no particular order, that stood out as the biggest gadgets of 2011. Read on to see some of the gizmos that had people talking.