Where would we be without our clocks and watches? We'll explore the inner-workings of timepieces as well as look at some specifics, such as smart watches, Indiglo, digital watches and pendulum clocks.

How Smart Watches Work

The trend in technology is to get more and more "connectivity" into smaller and smaller packages. Find out how it's possible to access news, weather, sports, stocks, horoscopes, e-mail and more from a wristwatch.

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  • 10 Strange Facts About Atomic Clocks

    10 Strange Facts About Atomic Clocks

    No, this clock won't blow up the planet. But it does use cesium and lasers to keep time so accurately that we had to change the definition of “second.” What else? See more »

  • 10 Ways Watches Have Evolved

    10 Ways Watches Have Evolved

    Portable timepieces have existed since the mid-1500s; however, the wristwatch (as we know it) has only been around for a little more than a century. Learn the many ways that watches have evolved. See more »

  • Are expensive watches better than cheap watches?

    Are expensive watches better than cheap watches?

    The most expensive wrist watch in the world is embellished with 1,282 diamonds and costs $5 million. But can it really tell time better than a Timex? See more »

  • Can a watch help you lose weight?

    Can a watch help you lose weight?

    Don't declare it dead just yet. These advanced time tellers may help you get fit (and let you know if the train is on time). See more »

  • Do we have astrology to thank for clocks?

    Do we have astrology to thank for clocks?

    Do you check your horoscope compulsively, or snort derisively at the very thought? Before you dismiss astrology as nonsense, consider this: It has a long history with timekeeping. We're happy to tell you all about it. See more »

  • How accurate is my watch?

    How accurate is my watch?

    Sometimes your watch is a little slow -- or at least that's what your friends insist. But down deep you wonder: Whose timepiece is really correct -- yours or theirs? And furthermore, just how accurate can anyone expect his watch to be? See more »

  • How Android Wear Works

    How Android Wear Works

    Are you ready to slide a smart watch onto your wrist this summer? Google and its Android Wear software are banking on it. But has the time come and gone for wearables? See more »

  • How Astrolabes Work

    How Astrolabes Work

    These exquisitely crafted instruments have hundreds of uses. Isn't it time you learned how to use this handy decoder of the sky? See more »

  • How ChronoTrack B-Tags Work

    How ChronoTrack B-Tags Work

    You've trained for 16 long weeks, and the day of your very first marathon has dawned -- exceedingly early, we might add. How are the race directors going to ensure that your premier time is clocked as accurately as possible? See more »

  • How Clocks Work

    How Clocks Work

    Clocks come in many different forms, from quartz watches to atomic clocks. Take a peek inside and learn what makes each kind tick. See more »

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