How the BodyMedia Fit Works

Put It All Together

When you pair a FIT device with a computer, the sensor sends all the collected data over for processing. BodyMedia's online Activity Manager takes the data and analyzes it using complex algorithms. The algorithms have a foundation in years of scientific study focusing on how various activity levels relate to caloric burn. One important thing to note, though, is that the Activity Manager requires a subscription to use; as of the time of this writing, the service costs $6.95 per month, although the company offers the first three months for free.

Based on your activity levels, including the intensity and duration of your activities, it generates information that's meaningful to you. This includes everything from how many steps you've taken that day to an estimation of the number of calories you've burned.

The software also breaks down your activity into types. If you spend all day walking around at a gentle pace the software will reflect that. But if you've been pushing yourself hard with intense workouts your profile will indicate that in your record.

With this information, you can get an idea if you're on the road to weight loss. But that's just part of the equation. What about caloric intake?

BodyMedia's Activity Manager includes a food diary feature that lets you keep track of everything you eat. The food database is extensive. You just have to enter information about what -- and how much -- you've had to eat for each meal. If the database doesn't have information about the type of food you're eating you can manually enter the nutritional information into the system and it will apply the data to your profile.

In this way, the software can plot how many calories you've burned against how many you're taking in. If there's a deficit of calories, you're on the way to losing weight! But if you're consuming more than you're burning, you'll need to make some changes if weight loss is your ultimate goal.

Some versions of the FIT device come equipped with Bluetooth technology. This wireless protocol lets devices communicate with each other through a connection called pairing. If you pair a FIT with a smartphone like the iPhone or an Android device, you can get an instant look at your daily progress.