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Home Gadgets

Home gadgets can revolutionize the way you live by simplifying everyday activities. Home gadgets range from robotic vacuums to high-tech security cameras. Check out this great collection of home gadgets at HowStuffWorks.

How Digital Jewelry Will Work

In the next wave of mobile computing devices, our jewelry might double as our cell phones, PDAs and GPS receivers. Get a look at these new microdevices.

Google Home Speakers Argue, Talk About Their Feelings on Twitch

Two Google Home bots have been chatting about life and love on Twitch. Learn more about bots conversing at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

Why Some People Are Refusing 'Smart' Utility Meters in Their Homes

Do smart utility meters threaten privacy and health? Learn more about smart utility meters in this HowStuffWorks Now article. See more »

The Uber-popular Aeron Chair Was First Made for Grandma

How did the Aeron become the prince of office chairs? HowStuffWorks Now explains. See more »

Here's the Scoop on HDR TVs

TV technology always gets a lot of play at CES. This year the hyper centered on HDR TVs. Learn more about the HDR TV hoopla at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

How Virtual Windows Work

Imagine looking out a window at a view of the Mediterranean, even if you're nowhere near the outdoors. Find out about virtual windows. See more »

How a Clothes Steamer Works

How does a clothes steamer work? Find out more about clothes steamers at See more »

Inside a Handheld Carpet Cleaner

Handheld carpet cleaners are ideal for stubborn carpet stains. See how one works with these inside a handheld carpet cleaner image gallery. See more »

Electric Toothbrush Pictures

An electric toothbrush can get you a cleaner mouth. Take a look at electric toothbrush pictures to see how they work. See more »

How the Dyson Bladeless Fan Works

The Dyson fan works like a fan, but has no blades. See if the Dyson fan can be effective as traditional models and what makes it so different. See more »

How Weather Gadgets Work

Weather gadgets are growing in popularity. Learn more about weather gadgets at HowStuffWorks. See more »