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Fitness Gadgets

Ready to get in shape? Explore fitness gadgets that can help you lose weight and improve your exercise routine.

So This Might Be Why You Ditched Your Fitbit

When it comes to creating long-time users, one design does not fit all, study finds.

Running While Female: Safety Apps and Tech

Three recent attacks on female runners prompted us to check out what apps and tech are out there to help keep runners safe and logging those miles.

Is This Why Your Buddy Is Always No. 1 on Fitbit?

Fitness trackers are hugely popular for people who want to increase their activity — and compete with pals. But the accuracy of such devices could be a little off.

10 Weird Wearables That Monitor Your Health

The hottest wearable tech market is the health care market, because a lot of these gadgets can really improve lives. Some of the gadgets are ingenious. Others are just wacky.

Do people who wear fitness trackers really walk more?

With all the benefits of walking — and a surge in fitness trackers on the marketplace — the question still remains: Will wearing a fitness tracker encourage you to walk more?

Are people who wear fitness trackers healthier than people who don't?

You know them — the one in five Americans who own wearable fitness trackers. So are they in better shape than those of us without a wristband tracking our every move? You might be surprised.

How accurate are fitness trackers?

You believe your fitness tracker's data when it says you walked 10,000-plus steps and burned more than 500 calories today. But how accurate are those results? Could your FitBit be underestimating — or (gasp!) inflating — your daily energy output?

Can you power your music player with your running shoes?

Imagine charging your iPod while you take a jog around the block. The technology isn't too far off and could make dead batteries a thing of the past.

Can a shirt help me lose weight?

Forget the smart watch. This smart shirt might actually help you lose weight.

How can a bracelet track your heart rate?

Your goal is to exercise within your targeted heart rate zone, so accurate heart-rate readings are crucial. Can you depend on a bracelet to give you those results while you're working out?