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Telecommunications devices, including cell phones, satellite radio or Voice over IP, connect us to one another and to the world of information at our fingertips. Learn all about the technologies we depend upon for efficient communication.

That certainly is a cute picture of your pup. Thanks to file-sharing apps like Dropbox, you can bust that photo out on even more mobile devices. Your co-workers and friends are going to be thrilled!

Remember when you used to keep friends and family updated during your travels by dropping postcards in the mail with a hastily scribbled "Wish you were here!" Now, you can do just that just by using your iPhone.

They say you can't get something for nothing, which is why free-texting apps seem like they'd have to be a scam. But are they?

Rooting allows you to tweak your Android smartphone settings to your heart's desire, via apps. We'll share 10 of our favorites with you in this article.

Smartphone cameras are just too convenient -- and too good -- for dedicated entry-level cameras to last forever. What apps can turn your iPhone snaps into art?

Social networks have cropped up to fill almost any and every niche market, and singles hoping to flirt and connect with other singles drive a number of them. But is it dangerous to use dating networks?

Just tap your smartphone or mobile device against your pal's and you can share digital information instantly? Sounds like science fiction! (Android) Beam me up, Google.

What if you could send a postcard that talks? Or maybe even sings? With the help of your iPhone and this app, it's possible.

Android and iOS devices seem to rule the smartphone market, but Nokia is hoping to change that with the Lumia 900 -- running the Windows Phone operating system. Does this high-end member of the Lumia family stand a chance?

Wait, this tiny little chip could rock your world? Yep. Puny as it might seem, this up-and-coming technology has the potential to streamline aspects of your daily life, from purchases to passwords.

NFC tags are smart little chips that'll allow you to snag digital information with your smartphone at short range. Get the details on this up-and-coming tag technology in this article.

These days, more people are glued to their mobile devices -- and increasingly impatient about slow download speeds. 4G networks promise to deliver all the speedy data we could wish for, but do they?

Samsung has been tight-lipped about the release date of the follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy S II, but plenty of speculative information is swirling in the tech world. What can you expect from the latest in the Galaxy S lineup?

Call it 4G insanity. We're being bombarded by promises of what this newest wireless network can deliver, but is it all hype?

RFID, NFC ... If these wireless technology acronyms are starting to look like alphabet soup to you, have no fear. We'll help you spot the differences between these communications cousins.

Sharing photos or business cards by tapping phones together seems pretty nifty, but is this tech really safe? Find out in this article.

Regular wallets are sooooo 2012. Could their digital doppelgangers be just around the corner?

Fed up with carrying a wallet full of cards and a full ring of keys? Before long, you might be able to keep all of that stuff in your phone. How is it possible, and is your information safe in your phone?

If you're in the market for a new cell phone, have you thought of what you'll do with your old one? Learn more about the 5 ways to donate your old cell phone to charity.

When we think about environmentally friendly cell phones, typically the first things that come to mind are their energy efficiency, the elimination of toxins in their manufacturing, their recyclability, or even what green apps we use. Learn more about how much radiation does your cell phone emit.

Cordless phones have been around awhile, but have you ever looked inside of one? See the next few pages as we take apart this cordless phone.

A cell-phone tower is typically a steel pole or lattice structure that rises hundreds of feet into the air. Take a look at these pictures to learn more how cell phone towers work.

Taking our music everywhere with us has become a way of life. But what music apps are the best for your mobile device?

While we'd never advocate using your cell phone in the theater, we do love a bunch of apps geared at movie maniacs. Here are 10.

A fashionista always looks her (or his) best at every occasion. But for the times when you just can't make it to the mall for the latest looks, check out these 10 mobile apps that allow you to shop anytime, anywhere.